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Texecom Premier Elite 64W Wireless keypad woes

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I'm reasonably competent with all things electrical / electronic and recently moved in to a new house. I was initially planning to go for a full wired system as the house supposedly had a "first fix for Alarm", long story short the first fix was rubbish and had no where near enough cables for the kind of security I was looking for. So I decided to go with a Texecom Premier Elite 64W with a rough mix of 50/50 wired and wireless sensors, I also got the SmartComm as I wanted the ability to talk to it remotely with my phone etc.


The parts I bought were:


1 x Premier Elite 64W

1 x SmartComm

1 x Wired Prox LCD Keypad

3 x Wired Magnetic Door Contacts (to which I added the EOL resistors)

3 x Wired PIRs

1 x Wireless Prox LCD Keypad

1 x Wireless Magnetic Door Contact

3 x Wireless PIR's

1 x Odyssey 3 External Wired Sounder


The 64W has 4 onboard wired zones and the wired keypad also has 2 zones, my plan being to use those 6 zones for the 6 wired sensors and have everything else wireless. The install went really well (with just the 2 sensors to the keypad left to wire in) , everything in in DEOL I powered up the panel and when through the language setup, date / time, confirm devices etc with the wired panel, I got it to learn all the wireless sensors powering them on one by one, I've even managed to get the SmartComm connected and working through my phone. 


Here come the 3 issues:


1. It's lucky I bought the wired keypad as I cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect the wireless keypad, the wired one is set to Keypad 1, and I set the DIP switches in the wireless one to be Keypad 2 (0100). How ever the wireless keypad simply displays "No Ricochet Network Found" when I press the tick to activate it. How do you correctly configure the wireless keypad on to the system? Will I need to re connect the installation jumper or can I add it from the engineer menu?


2. Cannot get WinTex to connect at all using the SmartComm, I've never used this software before but on first look its absolutely awful! I'm going to try with a direct serial connection to the panel as soon as I get 5 minutes.


3. Additional zones from the wired keypad, will they be zones 5 and 6? I think the Wireless sensors were zones 9 to 12, who knows what zone 8 is (unless its the stupid wireless keypad I cannot get to connect).


Any help with the above issues or pointers would be very much appreciated, hopefully I've given a reasonable explanation but any questions please ask!


Kind Regards



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1,  The wireless keypad has a DIP switch, There is a cable in the box to hard wire, This will get it initially configured and setup on ricochet

2,  Wintex Software does work, It works well if you know how to use it. I've used it for years.
3,  Wired keypad zones can be mapped, In your case Map RKP zone 1  Panel zone to 5 & RKP Zone 2 to Panel zone 6


Wireless Keypad setup is covered in the small single page manual, Its a very simple and easy process



If your wired keypad is set to Address 1,


Enter engineers code on wired keypad

Press HOME or MENU button  /  Press TICK or YES  /  Press TICK or YES

Set the wireless keypad to address 2 using the DIP switch on the back, Then insert batteries

When prompted on screen to (Learn Keypad) Press YES or TICK,   Keypad will bleep.   That's it, Job done

Wired keypad will end up as Address 1, Wireless keypad is Address 2

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Thank for the response, and detailed instructions ........ so thats what the little cable is for! I think that was maybe the only booklet I hadn't read!

Wireless Keypad now installed and working!


I think my next task will be to get Wintex Working as I believe the detailed config will be much easier to do from there.

I have tried using the "Connect with SmartCom" menu and a freshly generated App Code but immediately upon clicking connect I get a "Please Check Your Network Connection and try again". I'll have a play tonight and see where I can get to, as a last resort I will connect directly to the panel via USB serial.


I do have another question that might be a quick answer, with the SmartCom I got a 3rd Comm Port header to allow me to have a spare after connecting the SmartCom to the 2 onboard ones. There are some onboard header pins and a cable that this little board would fit to but reading around this looks like a connection for the PCB Flasher unit.  Can I connect the header to this? Also I have no idea which way wound to connect it as there is no keying on either end. The cable has a red indicator for pin 1 but nether the main PCB or the little add-on has an identifier for pin 1.  Can you advise how I might connect this up and whether I could use this Comm 3 for a direct Wintex connection, I guess there is a Wintex specific item in the port config.


Kind Regards


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I've looked in to this a bit further and its the DigiModem port I'm hoping to use, in the ComPort+ instructions it says use the Digi Port and has a diagram with the orientation, however it doesn't cover the Elite 64W, which has male pins instead of a female socket. I've taken a picture of the board connector, com port add-on and cable. Can someone maybe suggest which way round the little board goes to connect to this port?


Kind Regards



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