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Flush in-ceiling movement sensor?


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Seems a bit dead in here but I'll give this a shot.


I'm looking for a small in-ceiling (not ceiling mounted) movement sensor. I don't want one that operates off high voltage e.g. ones that operate lights. Ideally it would be an alarm type sensor but as long as it operates off 12V and can trigger an output (dry contact) then I'm happy.


I've been looking quite hard for some and almost any that come are either massive, ugly or cost an absolute bomb. Does anyone have any ideas? It doesn't have to be super fancy, I just want it to be able to detect basic movement.


Some examples I've found are:


CP Electronics (~£65)

Danlers (~£50)

BEG Luxomat (~£65)


I've yet to come across any alarm company inceiling sensors - they all seem to be surface mounted but they are all considerably cheaper (e.g. Texecom AM360 QD ~£30). Is there any reason for this?


Many thanks in advance.

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I would suspect the sensors you mention (CP Electronics / Danlers etc) all have  photocell and time adjustment on detection with NC / NO contacts where for instance the Texecom AM360 QD has a NC contact (No time adjustment on detection unless you start integrating a timer into your final circuit) 

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Hi All,


Thanks for the replies so far.


The application is for simply detecting movement in a room/area. I don't require any time adjustment. All I need it to do is to have a signal (NC/NO) on detection of said movement. I will have an external control system in place to handle everything else after the event.



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1 hour ago, MrHappy said:

They look quite good, pity theyre non compliant I would use those 

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On 16/09/2017 at 10:40, kai said:

Seems a bit dead in here but I'll give this a shot.


Despite that you've got a few replies.


Steinel do one that operates off 240V but has a truly isolated, universal C/O contact, designed for integration into non-mains applications. It comes flush and they clearly use a high quality downlight

casing which makes preparing the hole easy (standard 70mm). It's also tiltable and comes with a mask.


I am not sure if you are dead against 240v for a reason or just didn't think anyone did a 240V sensor with isolated output.

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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