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Help With Pyronix Enforcer GSM ENF32GB-WE

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Hello Everyone,


I bought ENF32GB-WE one year ago.

I would know if this version will allow me to arm/disarm my system remotely by sending sms ?




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My main concern is that I cannot find one same answer.

I explain what I mean, If i check on pyronix website, I can see that DIGI-GSM module support remotely control BUT as we can see through this topic in real life it is not true.
I sent a mail to a reseller and he certified to me that remote control is only support by Homecontrol+ APP.

So, I am lost ! And I have not told of my another problem : I will use DIGI-GSM with French network telecommunication.

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Ok it won't do it , according to install manual


Get a quantam70 fitted instead with a gsmq but you will need a contract SIM if you enable all the functions and all the SMS options 

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2 hours ago, al-yeti said:

Hkc quantam70 , but installer needs to do it all for you , but once it's in the gsm is good on remote if that's what you want

just an fyi, the hkc can do sms via wifi or lan too

securitywarehouse https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk

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24 minutes ago, 9651 said:

you do realise a home control will do all via an app?

That is what he wants to know if the particular version will allow him to do that 

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For information, I do not want use homecontrol+ App for my forcer, I know, I need another panel to do that.

I just want to be able to disarm my system remotely by sending a simple sms.
https://www.pyronix.co.uk/products-and-solutions/euro-digi-gsm remote control feature is write clearly.

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