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Hello, I`m new in this site and I´m here to ask to this comunity that I have a problem with a Optima Compact G3 396.

I'm teenager and my landlord doesn't remember the code and he says that he doesn´t want repair the alarm, he says just switch off, but the case that I need the alarm because I´m going to leave in a few weeks and I have got many things inside. 

The problem is when I switch on the alarm in the central electricity panel, it's start to sound very louder outside and inside, i´ve tried to press reset twice withing 5 sec. nothing happened, I´ve tried put ###DEFAULT CODE### as well, but nothing... 


I need reset this alarm, but I don´t want spend nothing... I´ve looking for engineer but they are very expensive (£65). just power light on

no tamper, no attack, no day.


Thank you  

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£65 is a great price, and you will be needing a new battery as an absolute minimum by the sounds of it.


Also there is absolutely no guarantee any of it works, doesn't have existing faults, or frequently false alarms.


No doubt it was turned off for a reason.

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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