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Hello, I'm new to the site and CCTV. I have just purchased a Swann DVR4-4400 with two cameras plus i purchased 1 extra camera. 

Problem 1- I purchased a standalone outdoor microphone from Maplin UK wich connects via the camera power cord splitter and plugged audio phono into back of DVR. Sound was fine but after a short while it seems to die, it hum's a little then crackles and dies. If i try again later it will work again for a short while...What could be happening?

Problem 2- It has 720P resolution but only offers 4 days continuous recording unless i lower resolution to 960H then i would get the 30 days i was promised by the salesman! (feel a bit miss led). Anyway, When i lower the resolution to 960H and it reboots it then suffers video loss and i can't seem to get it to work on 960H if i require 30+ recording, It will only work when i put it back to 720P, Any ideas what i may be doing wrong?, cheers.

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Hi and welcome


Sorry but I doubt that anyone on here has done anything with the swann rubbish apart from rip it out. from what I have seen of the junk you may as well have posted £200 down the nearest drain. 

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You're unlikely to get much help with your DIY product here.
 Most professional installers will have never played with one.

If you are having issues and it's not fit for purpose I suggest you take it back to Maplin's with your receipt

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That's a bit harsh Peter, Swann rubbish!, rip it out!, junk!, £200+ down the drain!....


Hi Blazincannon, welcome to the forums, please excuse Peter, he tends to be, well rather, shall we say, passionate some times as far as respectable kit goes, as do we all:D


So as per his post tbph.



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Yes very harsh , but you could go for hik vision entry range kit will set you back maybe £350? Then get a hik installer to fit in 14hrs for £200 and your sorted. 



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from Sticky > FAQs




You need to write to;


The Security Installer

Accounts Closure Department

Room 235

TSI House

Wilson Street

Halesowen B63 3JQ


We require all requests to be in writing, sent by Special Delivery, and with a stamped addressed envelope so we

can send you a receipt.



So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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We can delete your account but I cant think of a good reason as to why you would be worried if we do or dont.  You are completely anonymous so nobody knows who you are or where your from. Unless.....you are an employee of Swann and hoped posting here would be a free advert but its back fired.

It is well known that products made for the DIY market is generally not as good as the stuff the professionals use. That said I cannot imagine why anyone would entrust their security to a DIY product. If you have something you feel is worth protecting (You obviously do otherwise why are you bothering) so why choose to cut corners?

If I am buying something that I have no prior knowledge of, I at least research before I buy. 

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