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Galaxy G2 1.56 Firmware & Dualcom DigiAir

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Evening All,


Wondering if if I could get a bit of a steer if someone had a few minutes to help.


I have a G2 recently installed myself and working perfectly well, no issues. Few detectors, keypads and siren.


i have got a DualCom DigiAir with a years monitoring from my local ARC and would like to have a go at commissioning it myself before calling in a friend to check it over. 


i have no issues with the wiring of it, but more the programming of the Galaxy, could someone give a bit of direction if they had a few mins. 


Dualcom guide says I need to "The Digi-Modem must have an ARC telephone number and account number programmed for Dial Capture to work"


Do I need to programme the Galaxy with the actual PSTN number of the Arc if I was using a standard digi and account number on their monitoring platform, I would have thought that the DualCOM would have taken care of this - I.e Chip Number and GPRS communication back to the ARC. - Can anyone direct me and advise on this bit.


Also, if using Dial Capture I assume I want to communicate in SIA? Can I define the essential pins/channels used if using DualCom I.e 3 (Intruder) 7(Confirmed ETC) ?


Any advice on what the best practises or options needed configured on the Galaxy would be much appreciated. 


I am a Diy'r and enthusiast - Any advice appreciated.



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Thank you for coming back. 


To be honest thought it would have been a bit trivial for them and being a Diy'r and all that can entail, it can be sometimes a challenge when they find out. Thought I would post on here as a first step.


I can make contact with them and get a bit of direction.


Thanks Again.





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Hi Lwillis,


Got the DualCom from my Local Arc.


Took James' advice and contacted CSL and got the info required and decent guide.


Turns out the PSTN Number and Account Number specified in the Galaxy are just dummy details to satisfy the Galaxy - Dual Com takes care of the rest.


Thank You for pointers.






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There is plenty of ARC's that will sell to Joe Public. Of course they will come with limitations of Keyholder only as well as the standard T&C's re false alarms etc.


A monitoring connection is a monitoring connection to an ARC. Having worked in a few ARC's, makes no difference to an operator watching an alarm queue whether the signalling equipment has been fitted by me or a NSI Gold Installer. With most ARC's using automated Alarm Handling - connections become even less important. If they get the signal they get it. If they don't they don't. If the signalling is commissioned and working - it's no less likely to fail depending on who installs it. Of course there is plenty of points of view around system design, grades, quality of install etc etc etc. But that was not the point of my post, it was to ask for assistance in relation to Dualcom and the setup in G2 using Dial Capture - Objective met with obvious sensible point from James.  Great thing about forums is that you are never short of points of view or schools of thought. Especially when you have a mix of professionals and amateurs. 


I personally fail to see any issue around this - no different from connecting a Ethernet Module to a G2 and using selfmon. I am just choosing to get a phone call from an ARC instead of a SMS or E-Mail and signal via DualCOM GPRS.


Thanks to James and DualCOM support - all working great. 



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It's been available for ages, no different to the DIY shed's selling gear, it's the shape of things to come.

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

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3 hours ago, MrHappy said:

I just wonder which ARC is hard up enough to want single connections ?

more to the point how much was he charged. i accept that there will always be DIYers who want a monitoring with sms or a dialler etc but IMO "Proper Signalling" should be Trade only. 


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No, URN is trade only, well for now at least, everything else is for sale.

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Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

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