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Hi everyone,

We've got two rooms at the back of the property and both have double french doors.  The doors already have a couple of "Sash Jammers" and multi-lock system, but I still feel unsafe as these are our main entry/exit points.


What can we do to bolster these doors, so that they are very difficult to break-in?

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I've just moved into this property, so have very little information.


They are upvc, but not sure if it's safety glass (How can I tell?).  All I know is that it the glass is double-glazed and have lead-type squares running through them.....Similar to these:-



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Thanks james.  As far as I know, the doors were installed approx 2009/10/11.  


Other than the recommendation for an alarm, are you saying that this would be sufficient deterrent?  Surely the french doors are weak when it comes to security?

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Your right mate, but I was thinking having both physical and visual deterrents.  My main point of posting this thread is to get the French doors physically secured as best as possible and also add an alarm system and I've started a different thread for that.


The french doors already have a multi-point lock and sash jammers, but I was thinking along the lines of changing the cylinders as the ones in there look cheap with no visible brand name on the cylinders or padlocks for the handles....would any of these slowdown a burglar?

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Wireless sensor for example fixed to doors and windows activate in vibration 


Simply put if Mr H comes round with a sledge and wacks your window , providing you setup the detector correctly it should activate the alarm 


Shock sensor / vibration sensor 

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ALL DONE!....I took out the old cylinder locks which were unbranded and definitely looked like the old euro cylinder locks. now replaced all 4 of the locks with the AVOCET ABS locks....each cost £40! ....phew!



Thank you!


Now I need help with the burglar alarm system and would be most grateful if you could advise on my other thread.  I'm trying to choose between the VISONIC POWERMAX or one of the POWERMASTER 10/30/33.

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I always change the locks on a new property, People hide keys in gardens and stuff, who had keys before, Have keys been lost so who has them,

I agree if people want in they will, All you can do is make it as hard as possible so they go to your neighbours house instead ( Share the love) :ninja:


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Thanks sixwheeledbeast. Powemaster it is then.  However, for my needs (SEE BELOW), which one of the powermaster models would you recommend?


The features I'm looking for:-

Must be Wireless

Have an External Siren that is either mains connected or solar-powered with battery backup

Difficult to Hack/Jam

Able to Dial-out/Send SMS to mobiles/landlines

  • ADDITIONAL BONUS would be -

The ability to control it on smartphone/pc

For your information, I need to cover:-

1 x Front Door
2 x Double Patio Doors
3 x Downstairs Rooms

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Thanks guys.  I've found the comparison chart:-




Since none of these alarms have a solar-powered siren, I'd say that the Powermaster-30 would be the right choice as it allows a wired siren, don't you think?  Actually how do these alarm sirens continue to work if they only have a battery powered siren?




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But then it would mean every few years, I'd have to buy batteries for it and get back on a ladder to replace these.


Since I'm happy to go for the Powermaster 30,  what kit type & accessories would I need to for the following:-


1 x External Siren Bell
3 x Pir Detectors
2 x Door Contacts
1 x Control Panel (Must have GSM/Simcard capability)

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