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Duress Code

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Little story now back in 2007 worked in a ARC, we took on a new installer and had to upgrade the software from mini bold to bold Gemini. We where just all used to Digis on Fast Format, RedCare, Webway. Never dealt with Contact ID before got all sorts signals we never seen before. The alarm firm would tell customers anything to get it.installed firm has been on watchdog too lol 


So when ever we used to get a Burglary Cancel we just shut it down, Cant mention too much, But one morning we received a Burglary yes was via the front door, so you know the drill on this one. we then received Cancel Code, Shut down jobs a good one, Turned out the front door had been booted in and by 4 blokes in balaclavas the guys then been ripped bloke out of his bed at gunpoint and forced to turn off the alarm. Then his safe was swiftly emptied. In the meantime they are waiting like lemons for the police to arrive........


Then the alarm co go out programme in a duress code for them, then we get a new procedure call every customer even if a cancel or restore is received as it gives them the opportunity to give the duress password over the phone.


I know they did stop duress codes at one point didn't they ?? Last time i looked you could now use a duress code but has to be identified as such can not use same channel as Personal Attack & it must be agreed with the force issuing the URN. Is this still the case. and do you guys use them much ?

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