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Texecom Premier 48 Part Arm Delay Time

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Hi. Bought myself a texecom premier 48 system, wireless expander, etc, etc. Wired all up and everything seems to be working all fine and dandy. It might come over as super noob question but for the life of me I can't seem to find anything relating to the part guard delay time... Its set to 10 seconds which is all good for when I go to bed.. Not so much when I have to leave the house on part when my dogs are in the house. Can anyone throw an old dog a bone and give us a clue please?

The full guard, etc all works fine.

Oo.. Also bought a comwifi at the same time... I'm kind of guessing from reading around that is no good unless I'm having somebody monitor my alarm.. Is that correct, and I should just go down the gsm route or is there a way to get it to push notifications my way .. Many many thanks for any help offered... Thank you.

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AFAIK ComWifi should do push, but not sure if you need to make sure the panel has the absolute latest firmware for that.

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Work around for different part set times/modes  is to create area suits gets complicated but works make up stairs area b dog area c rest of house a full set all areas part set dogs area a and b night set area a with dogs downstairs with dogs up stairs areas a and c set The setting modes and times are set in area suits don't forget to set the areas to the keypads and the user authority to the areas


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