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Hello Everyone I Am New On Here


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Hi I have recently purchased the visonic wireless alarm system (complete) with the expander module as I want the external sounder to be hard wired.

I have the deltabell plus sounder and the wiring diagram is pretty easy to follow,but I'm struggling a little as to what terminals the wires go in the controll panel ?

So far I think I have figured out that

12v +,- goes to siren/ext in the panel

TT. goes to Z29/GND in the panel

What I'm struggling with is where does the strobe and bell of the sounder go into the controll panel?.

I don't know yet if you can post photo's on here of the actual connections for a better idea of what I'm on about.

I hope someone can try and help out a little

Many thanks.

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Hi guy's managed to get the sounder working ok so thanks for the information
My problem now is that I can't access the user settings menu ? In the manuals the master code is #REMOVED# and user code is #REMOVED# when I try and enter these in its not working.
Another code in the manuals is #REMOVED# but this doesn't work either ? Any ideas what's wrong


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no codes please.
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No none of the codes work the thing is tho that I did set the alarm off and silenced it with the code #REMOVED#????

I bought the unit from a retailer off fleebay I've mailed them to see if they changed the code in order to pair up the devices but heard nothing back as of yet

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