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Fault Reset - Galaxy Flex

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I've got a galaxy flex 50 I installed myself which has been running fine for a few months, linked to selfmon and happily sending event alerts by email - using the Honeywell Ethernet module.


I was making some changes to my Internet configuration and had the panel disconnected for the internet for a period of time.


I've since got it reconnected and am able to connect from to the panel over Ethernet, however I cant seem to clear the fault from when it couldn't connect out. The panel displays "system fault reset required". I can enter mgr mode and see 3 faults - comm fail arc, comm fail rec1, +hb fail comm 4.


I can press ent to continue, then enter engineer mode, but cant find how to reset these faults. exiting engineer mode runs through the normal checks but the faults persist.


can anyone help?




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Hi, thanks for the reply, no, same router, subnet and gw. I can ping the Ethernet module from the router.


I was actually just ripping everything out of my cabling cabinet and redoing it all neatly! It meant the panel was offline for several hours. with hindsight I should have disabled the arc settings before hand.



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As per Al's advice, restart will flush the errors.

The other (correct) way is to send two successful events to selfmon (eng tests) and then enter as engineer and view the faults to clear them.

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schoolboy error, I could get to my router, but hadn't realised my router couldn't get out, hence no comms with selfmon and the resulting error.


fixed this and error has cleared. thanks everyone!


out of interest, what is the process to restart the panel? Does exiting engineer mode do this, or is there another way of rebooting the system?

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