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Optex Beams On Grade 3

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How if at all do you get away with installing an optex IR beam within a premises linked onto a grade 3 intruder alarm?


I'm hoping to install the SL-350QDM as an added extra across a series of long roller shutters. It already has two contacts either side on all shutters but the customer has asked for additional protection due to the chance of cutting through.


I presume it doesn't comply as I've seen nothing in the data sheet to suggest otherwise.


I have read something similar that it can be done but cant trigger a confirmed activation?


Any help will do!




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thought there wasn't such a thing? Ie g3 active beam (could be wrong)


What about elephant catchers down the Roller shutters?


We would normally contact the doors like you have, then have a DT across each one.

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This may open a can of worms but.....


Is that right as long as the device can and has implemented all the functions that grade 3 require it is then grade 3 compliant? The manufacturer doesn't need it to be signed of by any kind of inspection panel to give it it's grade 3 title? Almost like a manufacture self cert?

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which bit? needs a back tamper for g3


But a G3 shutter contact hasn't got anti-tamper, am I missing something. I am sure I have a document somewhere from Optex stating beams at G3

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Isn't that because for contacts you only need front tamper (or, gross case damage in the case of a metal RSD contact) and magnetic interference detection in lieu of a back tamper?

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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Can still be relocated away from the door with a magnet attached? Thought that was the whole point in the back tamper...


The magnetic interference wouldn't kick in if the magnet is placed correctly first time round...


(shouldn't this topic be in trade due to the potential of overriding a system) I know I'm not trade registered and granted I started the topic but it's gone a bit off track...

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