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So today I became a "full" member on the site (thank you Peter for approving this)....


I was just wondering if there's an app I can use to access the forums whilst i'm on the go...? I had a brief look earlier whilst waiting for a panel to upload, but found the PC version of the forum MUCH better to use....


How do you access the forum easiest when on-the-go?

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You're welcome Alex but I am not sure that any of us are quite that sad that we are constantly on the forum LOL.


I just use my pc and occasionally my ipad, I never use the phone, its bad enough that the things constantly ringing all day long it would be far worse if I was distracted by the forum as well.


Its better to use the forum as an information share, its not an instant answer thing ether, sometimes people ask a question that needs an urgent answer but its rarely answered that quickly. 


You will make some great friends here though, (I regard a few people on here as some of the best people you will ever meet) I would say overall we are all a friendly bunch a bit of banter but dont rise too much to it and you will be fine.

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I think there's probably some underlying issue I have with being away from my phone for more than 10 minutes at a time...but then again I am a 90's kid! One could also say that ability to type a "wordy" reply on a mobile phone depends entirely on the person doing the typing! ;)

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