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Galaxy Alarm - Engineer Required


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We have just moved in to a new house with a Galaxy Alarm with a MK7 system which I believe has been "Crashed"

Can anyone recommend somebody that could come out and service the alarm and explain how to use it, I am in Alton in Hampshire......

Many thanks



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Check with the Ssaib or NSI for a local registered installer.

The system you have is fairley common and most company's should be able to look after it for you no problems.

Who was the existing maintainer? (Check to stickers on the panel and Bellbox)

Maybe give them a call aswell.

Hope this helps

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Hi Nicey

             My first recommendation would be to contact the firm that installed it. They will have records of what the exact system is and may know why or how the system was "crashed" the term crashed has more than one meaning e.g. it could mean that the system has failed for one reason or other, maybe a lightening strike in a storm or the previous owners may have ended the contract with them and the system was locked to prevent further use. It also may have been reset to factory default. It may be just powered down


Some alarm companies who actually own the equipment leave their equipment in place in the hope that the next occupiers take up a new rental and maintenance contract with them. Find out if any of these things apply to your alarm:


Once you have the answers to the above you can then decide whether you would like the same firm to sort it out for you or get quotes from others to either fix/repair or replace what you have as well as training you of the proper use of it.

Practice in the morning, practice at night. Practice in the evening, until you get it right.

Only make sure you are practising in the right way at the right time for it.

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