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Risco Digisense Pet Sensor

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Does any one have any experience using these pet sensors? II have installed several of these for people that where getting pets. But most didn't in the end. But one customer already had a dog confined to the kitchen area. It was a an old springer that didn't move to fast, but it set of the digisense pet sensor every time.

As it was a new customer I didn't mess around I ended up taking the k9 sensor from my house and it worked perfectly.

Any one else used these and had challenge's.


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My experience with this type of sensor is that they do just that i.e. sense pets. Having said that, knowing where and how to set them up properly according to the manufactures instructions gives reasonable protection with a small risk of unwanted (rather than false) alarms.


The same goes for perimeter detection, if you set them up according to manufactures recommendations and instructions you are usually relatively free from unwanted alarms.


Because of the nature of pets I don't think any manufacturer will guarantee that pets will never activate the alarm devices even if they are for so called "pet avoidance"


I always recommend that pets are kept out of any alarmed areas if this is possible (and it always is one way or another) if not then the risk of occasional unwanted alarm must be accepted as part of the situation. In turn too many unwanted alarms will affect the response from the authorities and also the insurance in many instances and that is apart from key holders who may be fed up to turn out and of course  neighbours who get fed up of the sounders going off :)

Practice in the morning, practice at night. Practice in the evening, until you get it right.

Only make sure you are practising in the right way at the right time for it.

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I know this is a bit of a bump and many apologies for that, but it's my first post so hey ho!


Risco detectors seem to work well for dogs - not cats. I've never used a detector (yet) that can eliminate cats jumping etc. I can safely say Risco iWise and Bosch BlueLine PET DT's won't give you any problems as long as the customer doesn't have a great dane or a cat!

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