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Please Help Me! Optima Xl Control Panel

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Hi All,


I'm really hoping you can help me out. I've recently moved into a property and i've set the intruder alarm off. It's been going off for the past 4 hours!


I believe i've done this by cutting through a telephone extension wire that had something plugged into it


The alarm control panel is an Optima XL backlighting microprocesser and the front of the alarm is currently showing a green light next to the word day and a red light next to the word power (See image)




I do not know the code for the alarm, but I'm trying to get a hold of it


is anyone able to help me out stopping this?



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You had two lights on last night, red indicated that there was a mains supply to the panel and green indicated that the panel was clear of faults. I don't know how you silenced the sounders, but look for a tamper light glowing or a zone light glowing now (although it may not have been present last night),It would be worth your while if you called out a bona fide security company to give the system a once over and thereafter arrange some type of maintenance contract, it shall cost you a few quid but it's worth it. First and foremost have them to change the standby battery for 'brand new' regardless of it's condition. Could you let us know what the current status is and whether the sounders simply timed themselves out. Suggest a re-set.

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Good call Petrolhead, What concerns me though is the fact that he does not have a code and the panel doesn't appear to have defaulted to manufacturer code so I don't know what the situation would be if he attempted to open the panel himself (open to comment) nor do I know the current status of the panel.. I reckon he should call in a professional...

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