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Bbv Up The Coax Telemetry Issues

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I'm currently trying to replace an old ptz camera with a new redvision ptz and can not get the telemetry to work. The old cams are set to dennard-c and and use coax into a BBV converter mounted on the each pole which are controlled by a dedi micro ds2.

When bench testing the set up worked fine and I had full control over the camera, on site however it won't play ball.

Am I right in believing that the latest cams using BBV up the coax don't need an address set on the dip switches and that the ds2 will run multiple protocols to cover different cams?

Any guidance appreciated.

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Hi James. Thanks for the reply.

The dvr is sending out telemetry to the old cameras via coax using dennard-c or BBV protocol. This is then converted to 485 with a BBV decoder on each of the old cam posts.

The new cam has no decoder its all built in to the cam unit.

The new cam worked fine on the bench using BBV protocols. The differences between my bench test and on site are:

10 additional cameras using different protocols.

The length of cable between the dvr and cam post.

And a noise reduction filter in the line.

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to be fair the ds2 is very flexible on protocol up the coax.

whats the distance as utc telemetry needs a very clean signal, it puts the telemetry on the sync pulse, if your not close to the 1v ptop you will have issues

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If you're using coax to 485 converters the address must be set to 001 on the camera

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James, what does "ptop" stand for? I've not used that term before.

Not sure on cable run length. If it's a straight line to the pole then it will be just under 100m. I'm thinking perhaps the BBV converter the old cams used did a better job of supplying a usable signal than the new cam.

Breff. The old cams have a separate UTC to 485 converter. They work fine. The new problem child is all built in.

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Ah yes.understood. Thanks Timmo66.

I'm going to set the dvr to dennard-c and the camera to a 485 protocol and refit the RX100 unit. The RX100 allows up to 250m on rg59. Hopefully this will resolve my problem.

That's what I did for my bench set up Timmo and what I have been doing on site. Think the cable length may be the issue. Fingers crossed.

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No Neutech. Midlands area.

I have sorted the problem. So stupid, can't believe I hadn't realised. The camera comes with a shroud fitted which is used when the camera is hanging upside down from a swan neck. My application was mounted on top of a pole and came supplied with a small visor. The visor was fouling on the shroud on start up as the camera goes through its full range of movement. This then locked the camera up including the camera menus. Unbelievable.

Thanks all for the help.

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