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Trying To Set Up A New Business

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I am trying to start up my own company initially just installing new wired and wireless intruder alarm systems. I have worked in the telecoms industry for 10 years so am used to running and concealing cables inside homes and businesses. I have installed my own alarm system and some for friends but that is it.

I am trying to find out what the minimal qualifications if any I should get before starting to install systems into paying customers homes.

Like I said I'm new to this so any help would be great


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Hi Dan


In your shoes I would start by getting a job for a while working for an installer an approved one would be best. This will give you an idea of what and more importantly how you should be installing. Anyone can install alarms, but how theyre installed (not just hiding cables) makes all the difference

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By installing would you be referring to where things should be placed and the best way to do things properly. I will look into maybe changing jobs then as I am already in full time employment with a telecoms company. Are there any courses that can be taken at a collage like there are for plumbing and electrics?

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