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Dell, Is There Any Other Company That Can Compete With Their **** Service And Incompetence?


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But Linux has been around for yonks. What's changed / going to change that will convince widows monkeys like me to stop spending thousands on windows licenses and use the free alternative?


You still keep saying free and Linux. There are Unix-type OS's that are not Free, Apple or Red Hat for starters.


Not seen anything that remotely rivals the integration of active directory / exchange / share point etc

I don't see any products that compete at all with the windows server system


Unix-like does permissions differently. Anyway, Active Directory can be integrated into Unix-like systems.

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Thats Active Directory. What about Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync? :hmm:


There are Unix-type versions or options. They may not be packaged as "products" like Windows.


The thing is you are so integrated into Windows software that it's hard to move.

I said some will move away from Windows, if you only use a browser, office suite and a mail client any OS is easy to migrate to.

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So for the latter, what os would you recommend.


What do you do for intruder/fire/cctv software that is generally windows based?

I currently use Ubuntu, with a different DE.

There are many different ones, Ubuntu has a large user base so can be easier to start with.

It has Firefox, Thunderbird and LibreOffice. Libre can open and convert most windows formats including the new xlsx and docx formats.

It's not really Linux I am seeing more of, Mac's are getting popular with customers as is Google's cloud offering.


Regarding security software, I have Wintex and Heitel applications running with Wine compatibility layer.

Compatibility layers are not perfect (ideally the application should be ported), but it saves needing a Windows machine at all for odd bits.


Other options/workarounds include having a Virtual Windows machine inside your OS or having one PC and using a LogMeIn type service, SSVNC or the like.

Basically I try to avoid any kit that isn't cross-platform, anything else I can normally get to run with Wine.

When I switched to Linux a while ago now I started with the intention of dual-booting a windows hard-drive. Within months I was removing Windows from anything I could.


IIRC the "walking dead" aka AM needs a windows pc & only supports windows servers ?

That wouldn't surprise me, a large amount of stuff in our industry is "Windows only" or needs crappy ActiveX controls.

According to there weby the Server works on Linux but the Client is Windows only.

I would expect a client to work with Wine.

Hopefully someone will design a decent cross-platform solution in the future.


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What hassle?

It's not hassle to me, infact I find my Ubuntu setup more productive and it boots and runs 5 times faster.

The hassle of workarounds to run the software I want to run and the lack of full integration to windows server system


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The advantages of cloud are immense, especially on the cost point of view with only one major drawback. All yours and your clients data is being stored in a place you don't know, you don't control and accessible by any of their employees in a country you have no idea. This is one of the main reasons we won't adopt cloud.


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Junk mail....

Is Windows 8 dead?

A technical preview of the latest operating system from Microsoft was unveiled yesterday, introducing the world to Windows 10.

Combining the best elements of the popular Window 7OS with some of the touchscreen-friendly features and functionality of Windows 8, the software will run on a wide range of devices from PC’s, tablets, phones and Xbox consoles.

Users will be delighted to hear that Windows 10 sees the return of the Start button...

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Touchscreen is cack on a laptop. As for windows, it is the ultimate shiiiiiiit. Win Xp was ok and you could take control of it if you needed. Win 7 was ok, after 2 years of **** ups. As for win 8, well, what a bin of cack. It has so much going on that cannot be controlled that 8 gig of ram is the starting point, most of which is taken up with stuff you are not using. As for the interface, well, what the hell were they thinking. Luckily, win 10 looks just as bad if not worse.


When will they learn that improvement does not mean a whole workflow change. Win 7 just needed updating and that would have been fine, instead, shish....


I have gone full Apple now. Even when a new o/s comes out, you don't have to spend months of frustration trying to understand it. It just is what it is and does what you want. Now with bootcamp you can have an un activated version of windows on to run any UDL programs required. VMware Fusion adds even quicker functionality to a windows OS. 


Go Mac, and they are cheaper than a midrange i5 or i7 PC, which is even better.


Always buy on MacStore, never from the shops, man those dudes are cocks.....

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