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Open Door Detection Unset System

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I am responsible for a Scantronics system based on a 9751 control unit and a 9943 keypad. The system includes a 9955 RF expander which receives signals from two 734r RF door contacts fitted to emergency exit doors at opposite ends of a hall. The main entrance door to the building is fitted with a pair of wired contacts and their zone is programmed to activate the chime when the main door is opened with the alarm in the unset mode.


During weekdays the hall is used by a playgroup who find the main entrance door chime useful to keep a check on anyone entering the building, although normally they keep this locked. The playgroup leaders are concerned that a child may learn how to open the emergency exit doors in the hall and do this unnoticed, despite normally close supervision. They would like a warning signal different to the present chime to indicate if the emergency exit doors are opened.


I cannot find any way of doing this with just the existing equipment but using the RF door contacts seems an obvious choice. Is there any reason why an independent RF receiver, such as a 762r, in "stand alone" mode could not be used to do this without affecting the original alarm system?


With thanks in anticipation of suggestions or comments,



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Whilst I agree, and no longer use scanny wireless for the very reason its 1 way, its pretty reliable and have never had a system using wireless as the E/E zone fail to start the E/E, so on that basis I'd say it's reliable enough, just plainly not as secure, as 2 way.


Back to you, this all depends if the fire exit doors are regularly opened or rarely opened if at all.


If only ever used in a fire or once or twice a year, then set the zone to 24hour. When the alarm is unset, you'll still get a tone from the speaker (a noisy one) that will need a code or fob to reset. But no bell. And you could fit a keyswitch based shunt to the door itself to override the alarm when required.


I don't think the 9751 does zone follow as an output type, otherwise that would be the ideal solution.

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So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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Or just go to a 'cheepy' shop and get two shed door alarms, more than suitable as just an audible indicator, without interfering with the alarm system in any way.

Richard, you've gone and spoilt it now.

"Bother!", said Pooh, as he found his smack had talc in it.

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Soz Andrew, lol, imho, the more you complicate a system the more chance there is of user error. the installer cocking up the programming.

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I was in lidl earlier this week and they had some battery powered ones in a blister pack of about 4 that would suffice for you.

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

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