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i recently moved into a property that had an ADE Captiv-8 alarm system fitted however as the property was empty i did not have teh alarm codes.

I reset the codes as per the engineering manual instructions: -



The engineer code and manager code have now been reset to default, i can scroll through the enginners facilities ok however i cannot access the managemnt menus as it now says it has a box tamper fault.

I have removed the link above and refitted the link to the tamp circuit.

Anybody know how to clear this fault it was not present before i did the reset as there were no faults displayed on the rkp.

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The only thing i have done is open the main box, reset the codes and closed the box.

It says it has a box tamper fault but i have refitted the link to the 2 tamper contacts within the box.

It had no faults displayed before i opened the box.

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Doesn't this panel have a spring or knotch on cover? Might be missing or broken

I might be thinking of another version I thought it's in pcb for this panel so might be difficult to meter it?

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Well box tamper can be general tamper aswell


so you have the lid tamper which you know is closing (have you held the switch down by hand and then get someone to reset at the keypad to see if it works --  also you said you put tape on switch ? is it mounted on pcb or is switch seperate?


you have a tamper in the keypad which is same as the g4 keypad unless your using a different one? (stretch spring if it has one)


you have a loop tamper on the pcb in box ( make sure loop is connected, if its running through cables disconnect temporarily and loop it)


you have a tamper on the bell itself



have you checked all of these?

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Having spent ages checking everything i have come to the conclusion that the pcb must be faulty.


Obviously this alarm is discontinued so can anybody recommend a suitable replacement for this alarm?


It has 15 id-plus zones with one remote keypad.


To keep work to a minimum i would just like to replace the panel and rkp if at all possible.

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If tour going to do that , loop everything off, just to check pcb is still showing fault, ie disconnect all except keypad loop all tampers and default it and then probably pcb

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