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Hi All!


I hope you don't mind me posting this but Blast Films may need you!



Have you got a story to tell that involves CCTV? Do you have CCTV or has it played an important role in your life at some point? Has it been used to protect you or your family? Are you using it as evidence in a court case?

Do you own a home recording system or know someone who does? Has your local community clamped down on crime by investing in home CCTV? Have you campaigned for more CCTV in your area? Do you enjoy recording your pet while out at work? Or have ever spied on your kids to make sure they’re doing their homework? Have you used it to prove a point in neighbourhood disputes?


If this is you or you know someone like this, Blast Films would love to talk to you to help with our research on a new C4 series we are making. Please note, this conversation will be in confidence and you can remain anonymous, with absolutely no commitment to being involved in the documentary.


Blast! Films are multi-award winning factual producers with one of the best reputations in British television for making thoughtful, topical documentaries. Some of our recent work includes the ITV Series Neighbourhood Force, the BBC TWO series The Tube made with London Underground and 999: What’s Your Emergency – Channel 4’s ratings hit of 2012 which returned October 2013. (You can have a look at all our back catalogue on our website:


Please contact me

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My youngest son a taxi driver, was suddenly chucked in by his girl freind, anyway she is very acromonious, even though it was her playing around. accussed him of assaulting her son at the taxi rank.

the camarai i had installed at his flat proved he was away fishing for four days, shows him loading his kit and driving off, his mates and the fishing lake staff also confirmed it.

Egg on face or what lol!

If you think education is difficult, try being stupid!!!!

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Installed a system to a kitchen showroom, builders had a large sheet of metal they used to burn waste material.

Got a call this metal was knicked, and was actually the drain bed for a water jet that cut marble (mind boggles).

So i'm on the first floor, find the footage of said metsl being loaded onto a flat bed, watched. by several management guys,

i had patched onto a large LCD so they could see treating as training. Suddenly one shouts 'thats the b@&£@rds' and runs down the stairs - to retun a few minutes later looking very sheepish lol!

Has to be said, cracking images from System Q kit using their 430 PTZ 's

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If you think education is difficult, try being stupid!!!!

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I had an alarm problem on a large site, conveniently covered by cameras. I contacted the control room and told the camera operater to "give me a nod on the camera when the alarm clears". I fixed the alarm problem, and looked at the camera, expecting a tilt up and down. Nothing. So I looked again at the alarm problem, and was sure it had cleared, still nothing from the camera operater. I returned to the control room to see the operator nodding his head at the monitor.

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going back to early days of tubed cameras, some bright spark dope in accounts changed a specification to the much cheaper vidicon instead of ultracon camera's to view a gate, which was fine for a while. then the gates image burnt in, security could not tell if the gate was open or shut!

If you think education is difficult, try being stupid!!!!

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