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arfur mo

Padcad For Ipad

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This is a very easy to use CAD App on the iPad 2, great for sketching floor plans.

2 versions available the lite is free, but but no saves,

But best bit is a free PC version, you can import fDFX files from your iPad full version, then work on them as needed on the bigger PC screen before sending them back via email.

this is not auto cad but a simple cad - made for blokes like me, and saves me finding fag packets to write on :).

link to pc software - it won't run on W8 64 version


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have a look at the free windows version, to get some idea.

i noticed the app is also available for Android iirc price is about £11.99, you simply draw with your finger or sylus, it auto straightens lines, can snap to grid and so on. the learning curve is very short.

libary has an icons for electrical synbles, even detectors so very handy, you can make additions of your own custom icons. imho the biggest downer is no colour choice for text or lines, but you can at least draw to scale.

on Android i assume you can save to a card, iOS you export via email, then copy the file into your documents.

its not usable in W8 64 as yet, so using a native touch screen on a PC is likely not viable either

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someone mentioned this a while ago, which i find good



i've downloaded this and several others, but yet to spend any real time on it. i do like the principle idea though :).

possibly easier if you need true dimensions, Padcad is deliberately designed just to be simple, and used easily from the off.

i find a lot of CAD programs tend to fail because they try to be as functional as, while cheaper than the daddy Autocad, way to many multi-nested icon banks. While you can draw anything from a single cell to a complete universe, by the time you find the correct sodding function, you have likely forgotten what it was you was trying to draw in the first place. :).

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