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In 1991 I met with a security guard at an upmarket travel agents in Henley On Thames, not a High Street one - this was one for millionares. I went to investigate a false alarm,it was approx 11pm, as we walked through plush offices we could hear a door repeatedly slamming, we came to the door - it was an internal door to a small office off a corridor, we were speechless and made a run for the reception area. The guard called his office he could hardly speak, telling them we were leaving the site and trying to explain why. I half filled in my docket on my car bonnet, got a shaky signature and we both left. I returned to the site later that year, the receptionist told me about a guard who recently ran someone down on the driveway to the premises she asked if I knew about the incident, the guard was signed off sick but apparently no one was injured. Freaks me out to this day - I can still see that slamming door.

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Most Scary thing I ever saw was in my Trainee Monkey Days A*T trainee. 

We were at a Old mental Hospital being converted into a Posh Spa and Hotel,  So we were taking out the Old Alarms and fitting new ones.  During this we had a Onsite Security and that morning when going in as normal there was the Area Manager in Cabin looking like he saw a ghost and they never said nothing.  Until 9 weeks later when doing a walk thru to check all the alarms are working and all I saw was pair of Ladders fly across one side of a room.    I thought oh must be one the plasters or etc trying scare me however found out everyone left apart from us to do the Walkthru.    I did ask the site foremen who explained that that area was for the mentally insane and that there was a fire in the 1930s who killed 6 people and they apartly haunt the land.   We then found out that the Security Guards did see a ghost and the guard swore never to return to that site and never talks about what he saw.   The site has now been knocked down due to the Spa & Hotel closed down due to it was too active and is 5 a side pitches & Leisure centre is going there.    However I sworn I never ever go back there! 

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I turned out to a call bout 2am once, to a cottage hospital very old with a lot of history.

Gets there and the guards outside. So we go inside and start looking around, i looked at rkp and then found him, i said have you been upstairs ?

He said im not going up there. Then he told me about a dead patient who haunts the place and he was serious he wasent going upstairs so i did. No lights i add as he didnt know where the main switches were!

So i come back down and about 4 mts away from us was a porch entrance with a pir hooked up to a bell as a chime.

The chime rang... Neither of us were anywhere near it nor would it have faced our direction, i said theres no way we triggered that so we quickly ran outside and checked the perimeter. Nothing.

So we went back in and he says maybe it was..........

(cant remember the name of the said haunter)

And the chime went.

At that point he says fook this im going come on.

System was re armed and locked up,

I wasent that bothered but the guard said all sorts have happened when hes been in there and now refuses to go upstairs!

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Years ago back when I was an engineer we used to keyhold we used to look over wiston house in cissbury http://www.wistonhouse.co.uk/the-house/history/


I have no idea if it is haunted or not but it is a very old building with lots of secret passages and what nots, and I have heard rumours of all sorts going on its quite close to cissbury ring where the devil worshippers hang out.


Anyway I got called out there one wet and stormy night, you know the ones claps of thunder and lighting ect. Anyway I arrive on site one minute to midnight as I am driving up I could see a light on on the top floor, so I am thinking someones on site already. So i get out of the van switch the alarm off and check out the log, alarm was set at 17.00 then nothing till 23.00 when the alarm activates on the top floor landing, and nowhere else, off I go expecting to find someone in the building still working (only the landing on the top floor had detection) get up stairs check all the rooms and I found no one. So I inspect the detector for signs of spiders and the usual environmental checks nothing, cant see any reason for activation. I would normally change the detector at this point but the house was creeping me out a little lots of creaking noises along with thunder and lighting so i decided to isolate the detector (It was trap detection you couldnt break in on the top floor even with a helicopter) switched the lights off, went downstairs, reset the alarm, isolated the zone, set the alarm, got in my van wrote the job sheet went to the house and posted the top copy of the jobsheet through the letterbox walked back to my van and something made me look up, and the top floor light was on again. Now I know I had switched it off and it was not on when I originally returned to the van, I know there was no one in the building I checked every room on the top floor and they could not of come downstairs without triggering another detector or passing me on the stairs there are no secret passages on the top floor. I thought about going back to switch it off for about a second whilst I was running to the van. When we went back to change the detector I spoke to the caretaker and he said that sort of thing is always happening I dont believe in this sort of stuff but at the time this did creep me.  

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I have to go to a Regular Haunt in a Army Office.   Always have to work after 5pm and I am sure that place is haunted as I keep hearing feet noises on the floor above and when I ask if I was the only person their they say yes,   However I just say 'Oh they must been playing about' and few other contractors and staff have said that funny things do happen when they are working like filing cabinets in middle of floors and chairs just moving.      

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I was shown some footage from a system I installed a couple of years ago at a shopping centre in Norwich.

The Locked main entrance door unlocked and shot opened, in the reflection of the glass goor was the semi clear image of a person standing there. As the door opened a yellow cleaners cone went flying.

The Access control system, shear locks and cameras were all working.

strange things happen in Norfolk :rolleyes:

have i seen that on youtube?

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I must admit I have saw these sort of things happen example is a Well Known Department Store always calls us as there Fire Door always used to open at random points.   My method is that it was due to it was wood,   We since fitted new doors and now never get calls.   The staff used to blame the Ghost of the old Shop Manager who is known for moving displays and etc.

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"my" alarm is bleep cause you've got a fog machine with optical heads & its on fire...


however the flat is creepy as fuck!

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Mr😀 Veritas God

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