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Perimeter Protection is for outdoor wall, balcony, window, courtyard, garage door active detection and safety alarm. It prevents crime from the first place before illegal intrusion is happened. Frequency conversion mutual shooting active infrared fence, infrared lighting wall is the best ones for accurate detection. It is easy to install with multiple ways alarm output of wireless, wired, and BUS output RS-485. It is with advanced technology of anti interference of near frequency, strong light, animal etc.   
Advanced features
1. It can be set as single beam blocked alarm or any neighbor beams blocked alarm for specified requirement. 
2. It with low frequency infrared transmitting and without interference to house appliance. 
3. It auto check beam transmitting power and auto adjust according to environment. 
4. Multiple ways of installation. It can be installed to surface or inside surface and auto focus not need to align precisely. 
5. Mutual infrared shooting and totally avoid interference of direct sunshine.
6. Easy installation and test cause of wiring part is separated from Main board and set in outside of the aluminum pipe. 
Application of infrared fence:
Infrared fence can replace curtain PIR, door contact, and window contacts for outdoor protection. It can be used as vehicle entrance check of parking lot, enterprise perimeter protection, community perimeter protection etc. 
Questions of Infrared Fence Usage
1. Why does the infrared fence keep alarming when power on?
a. Please check infrared fence slave pole DC 12V power. Check is the power connected correct? Is master pole aligned with slave pole?
b. Please check whether or not master pole and slave pole Synchronous wire connected well. 
2. Why doesn’t infrared fence alarm after installation when someone blocked it?
If outdoor 60m infrared fence is used in 10m detection, the infrared power transmitted by master pole will be too strong and when it reach to human body, it will be refracted to nearby object and be refracted to receiver slave pole. Thus, the receiver received infrared beams from transmitter and won’t alarm. 
If actual detection distance is near required distance, but it won’t alarm when it is blocked, we can adjust the power pin of low power (short distance), middle power (middle distance), large power(long distance).  The power pin is on the external circuit board and easy to adjust. 



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