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Grade 2 / Grade 3 Door Contacts


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Still made in the UK Spike?


Yes datadiff - all tooling, design, injection moulding, assembly and packing and shipping done in-house, at one of our three sites in South Wales. 


We still buy some reeds in from abroad due to cost and quality, but this gap is narrowing all the time and as such we're now able to switch to some UK reeds.


On that same point and perhaps surprisingly, we're also winning moulding work back from China that we lost a few years back as their wage demands, shipping and materials costs increase! 


Encouraging news for UK manufacturing in general I guess.

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cheers for the feedback Arfur, both good and bad! 


Yes, we did indeed get a few issues with installers saying the solder was snapping on the G2 surface contacts (only about 20 out of around 30,000, but still 20 too many), so we revisited the design on this and will shortly be releasing a superior version called the YEND24 (your part was the YEND21).




The new version will have a PCB on a base, with a lid (along the lines of our YEND74, D75 and D75MULTI). 


This product will fit the same footprint, but will have far more room inside for connections, and then you just screw down the lid.  The headers provided will cover all of the main UK panels including Honeywell / Cooper / Texecom / HKC / RISCO / Guardall etc, and even some variations of these values such as Inner Range (2k2 6k8).


There is also the option of a traditional 4 wire / no resistor option.


It will have true double door functionality for all the main UK panels (some panels couldn't handle the original version), and there will also be a Grade 3 version with Magnetic Interference Detection, part code XEND24.

to be clear, in the ones i had the solder was not snapping but was completely missing, these were the alloy sqare design, white silicone stopper.

i used the G3 surface with pcb type and they ave been fine, but short of info on where the trouble resister can be placed, as was the G3 RSC. do get a tamper on interferrence, but would be better to get a trouble indication, then you know if it's at the conact not the contact ;).

If you think education is difficult, try being stupid!!!!

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Guess you can't move jobs to the 3rd world,when you've already there...




Brilliant.  And how did the rest of your routine go at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival?


But in all seriousness, there's nowhere I'd rather live in the UK, and I've been to almost everywhere.  Only a handful of the Greek Islands, South of France and parts of Spain would prise me away. 


Could just about handle the 3/4 hour flights back to watch the mighty Cardiff City FC 



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