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  1. Took this out today. Nice little wireless panel
  2. I believe this is ment to be a DIY system and i believe it is American panel as it isn't tamperd
  3. Have now got a account after telling them about me and what i do the prices aren't too bad for their quality products
  4. I can't they only sell to registered installers only. The sounder i bought from my local alarm company
  5. I have a euro 44 panel. My favourite panel after the gen1 optima panels
  6. Its a optima compact G3 as it has the smaller buttons then the G4
  7. I love castle caretech. One of my favourite manufacturers of alarm equipment
  8. Lol. Firstly it is mounted to the gutter No baluns or waterproof junction box. Gutter needs cleaning
  9. I see so many things wrong with this
  10. Never used or seen a pyronix paragon. Might get one for my collection one day
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