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  1. Logan

    how old is this

    the problem is that there are 7 terminals 1 and 2 are power but 3 needs a 26.3khz signal? 4 is alarm 5 is tamper 6 and 7 are for a remote led
  2. Logan

    how old is this

    do you know how this thing works all I know is it runs on dc and requires a 26.3 kHz signal from something
  3. this ultrasonic is not in use and contemplating on removing it to keep it for my collection
  4. Logan

    The sing along Alarm

    I wonder how meny times she set off the system thinking it would play a song only to be faced with a loud siren
  5. Logan

    Some Great Stories

    I actually have a video of one of these units on my channel search "mallard chloride emergency light" on YouTube. should be first video
  6. * now with useless pet immunity masking sticker!
  7. I'm in America but I am going to move back to the UK in 2 to 4 years
  8. not yet. I'm actually underweight probably moving back to the uk in 2 to 4 years
  9. i am in America but I am British
  10. there was a tamper switch but had to remove it because it had failed. I did not install the wires in the wall because I don't want to put giant holes in the wall. the fairy lights only run on 4.7 volts since there in a parallel circuit because I rewired them
  11. Logan


    I am a 15 year old who has a considerable amount of security alarm equipment. some of the items are extremely rare such as. recessed ultrasonic and photoelectric beam detectors I make videos of the collection I have and upload it to YouTube you can find my channel by this links back
  12. I had a old ademco panel and decided to install it in my bedroom video

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