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  1. Works great until the police turn up after finding out there bell box has disappeared
  2. Sorry for not replying earlier. I have a YouTube channel of all my alarms. The bell box's im looking for are the old CQR type c vented bellboxs and the old modern alarms box's. Also if anyone knows where to get a original optimia like the one thats pictured as i am looking for one.
  3. I contacted Our local company security alarm services awhile ago however the email i sent never got received. Im thinking of going to the company's office to ask there
  4. I was wondering if anyone know where i can get a old bell box's from as i collect themm I have tried ebay but no luck
  5. Logan

    ADE Optima XM6

    This reminds me of my grandads alarm a original optimia in a garage that couldn't be turned off and i just opened it up and moved some wires and never had a problem since
  6. Logan

    ADE Optima XM6

    I love these panels there were very easyto install and were quite reliable if you kept a good battery inside otherwise the NVM might get corrupt
  7. I have a YouTube channel with most of my collection and my alarm
  8. I have also sent a Euro meridian 44+ to james wilson to see if he can default it
  9. Its the aritech ultrasonic sensor that came out in the us. The person i met was Charlie darsch who is the vice President
  10. It was part of the old logic 4 system. Also today i was at another relatives house reprogramming a scantronic 9100 for the seccond time as the first time i accidentally did 98 enter instead of 99 enter Also you might like to see this
  11. Not really im more British than American. Also have you seen these bell box's before
  12. I used to live in the us but moved back to the UK in March
  13. I can understand. Usually if it does not work i just bin it. But if it might have a hope of fixing and its worth saving i will save it. Just like this logic 4 panel it just needed a new transformer
  14. Why? its a vintage panel that im going to save. Also do any of you have a ideal replacement for these PIRs (And no im not going to scrap them either, being a national known alarm collector) more on that here Link
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