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  1. The CCTV doesn't lie. Or did fat matt hijack it? Yes. Still working reliably on the shed with the ION30exd.
  2. I saw this on my sheds orisec bellbox. It turns out 3 kids threw a brick at it. I think texecom gave them £10 each to destroy my orisec bellbox for using it with a vertias excel. (Proof orisec bell boxs are better than texecom bellboxs)
  3. I thought this post was for the ADE simple set. Not the history of the internet
  4. I found the engineer guide for it you learn tags by shorting a jumper. I now want one of these lol
  5. Yep that's the one. not sure how it works or how you learn tags into it though
  6. I was browsing security warehouse when i saw this Panel I remember there was a RKP version of this that used to connect to a accenta 6 or 8 panel
  7. How about a £1599.00 ade viper https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honeywell-Viper-Gl-WH-Gl-GLX-Schocksensor-used-/143388634580?nav=SEARCH
  8. Got this from my local alarm company with their logo printed on it
  9. Logan

    Strange Day

    Youre suposed to install alarms to protect people's money. Not steal rhe money
  10. ??? This is my brain right now
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