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  1. Logan

    Just LOL

    It has innovonics wireless PIRs on red plates
  2. Logan

    Just LOL

    I get in free through a broken window. It also has a alarm like this
  3. Logan

    Just LOL

    MrHappy came up with the idea to put soap bars in a sock and swing it around Also heres one of the PA buttons
  4. Logan

    Just LOL

    Actually i think you're right
  5. Logan

    Just LOL

    Heres in celing protection. Pir fell of wall so put it in celing
  6. Logan

    Just LOL

    Heres a upside down napco PIR
  7. Logan

    Just LOL

    DataDiffusion will like this Prison guard PA alarm
  8. Logan

    Just LOL

    Yep abandoned prison
  9. Logan

    Just LOL

    Lol. I think you mean Logan --> DataDiffusion Another hint
  10. Logan

    Just LOL

    Just guess lol
  11. Logan

    Just LOL

    I knew it real life is just HD Minecraft
  12. Risco lightsys. i think that programming a pyronix paragon is easier
  13. I prefer pyronix panels such as the enforcer or euro series. Also like the scantronic ION series of panels. Not really a fan of risco panels
  14. Logan

    Just LOL

    No. Guess again
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