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  1. I got this system from a abandoned building with permission that was being demolished i dont know any of the codes but i do have a RFID tag thats already programmed in but i need to reset it to use it as the engineer manual wasn't very helpful on resetting it without the code
  2. I have moved into a new house that had this panel installed and i need to know how to factory reset it as i dont have the code
  3. Logan

    aritech du 230

    I have contacted charlie darsch who is the vice president of aritech and I got it set up
  4. Logan

    Oldest Panel

    I would have to say that the oldest panel I ever worked on was a ademco vector from the 1970s. a incredibly rare panel that used a 2 wire polling loop for PIRs and other detectors and sensors.
  5. I'm the person who prefers the older equipment I still gave a elkron microwave detector and several aritech 230 ultrasonic detectors with a latch freeze switch
  6. I had 5 false alarms with this detector due to the cat even though it is in the pet immune option
  7. I tried it did not stick to the lens
  8. I would recommend the c&k 6360stc. it's a bit large but it goes inside the celing and only uses 12 volts
  9. I have been trying to find masking stickers for this detector. anyone know where I can get these stickers
  10. Logan

    aritech du 230

    I have a aritech du 230 does anyone know how to set this thing up. I know that it is for the older aritech ultrasonic detectors. I have got it to power up but not sure how to wire it
  11. Logan

    how old is this

    the problem is that there are 7 terminals 1 and 2 are power but 3 needs a 26.3khz signal? 4 is alarm 5 is tamper 6 and 7 are for a remote led
  12. Logan

    how old is this

    do you know how this thing works all I know is it runs on dc and requires a 26.3 kHz signal from something
  13. this ultrasonic is not in use and contemplating on removing it to keep it for my collection
  14. Logan

    The sing along Alarm

    I wonder how meny times she set off the system thinking it would play a song only to be faced with a loud siren

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