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  1. Calm down dear. What they are all saying is, for your budget, what you want ain't gonna happen And certainly not with the kit anyone on here uses. Doesn't matter how many ways you ask the question. Your budget won't cover a proper solution
  2. Mine do it, but i don't Like chinese customers?
  3. And many cards are now also touch n pay (or whatever terminology they call it) so no pin
  4. Matt, told you elsewhere. You've been had. More you try and wriggle, the worse the response will be.
  5. There's always one. It only encourages them when suckers divvy up.
  6. You seem to have overlooked a keyword in there. Estimated.
  7. Posh bugger. You have a post office, and a local one at that.
  8. I do hope that's not a racist comment against our fellow Europeans?
  9. Richard, you've gone and spoilt it now.
  10. Light output wasn't mentioned. So a larger led could be used. Those led floods are not bad actually.
  11. Well, based on the limited explanation i reckon you're going to need some software interface. We too use the M2, a good bit of kit, we also use it with Adams protocol converters. That's where you'll need some sort of interface.
  12. You're playing with all that expensive then come on here for free advice on how to tie it together?? A little odd.
  13. I think you're talking to yourself on this one.
  14. That might explain why the POTS lines are often down then.
  15. And a quick click of a link gives us all a clue.
  16. Nah, Burnley, he can test the signal then.
  17. He's fine where he is thank you.
  18. I get it in most places across the country. One thing i've noticed is it seems much more tolerant whn the signal is weak.
  19. Unwarranted cheap shot.You get back to sweating that lard off on the beach.
  20. No picture but your comment suggests even more so, lid tamper is likely cause.
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