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    coloured wires & basic DIY skills, shave a monkey & kick it though a branch of screwfix, if its holding a multi meter & screwdriver on the way out.... vola you have have an alarm monkey however if you can take a current reading your over qualified The easy way to find out if your suitable for a job is to go & get one, if you can't do it or don't like find a different one
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    Veritas will be difficult even the electrician's can't do them fully Start with Honeywell g4 - 9651 - galaxy g2-12 - then dive into a dimension on left hand and premier elite in right at same time
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    Start with a scantronic 9651 / texecom veritas r8 / honeywell G4
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    On a side the galaxy dimension panel wasn't made for the diyer Lack of information is more about lack of knowledge, training and experience So other panels you will find same situation where you don't know what it can and can't do
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    Just to note that the panel you're looking at on eBay is cheap for a reason. It's not new and looks like it has been a swap out. That is, the installer has a fault on an installed system and they then switch out the PCB. If you look at the PCB, you can see that the screw terminals have been used. The PCB serial number doesn't match the box serial number and that's a classic sign of this type of swap out. I suspect that this panel will not boot, so if you do buy, don't put it on the wall without thoroughly testing it. I've had quite a few people who have bought these returns - some are lucky and some not so. I think the seller is pretty decent though. He'll refund on return. It's a bit of a hassle for the saving against buying the V7.03 CO48-D-E1 though! Especially the ones that come with Ethernet modules
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    Thanks Peter, the alarm was in the house when we purchased it, again good advice re: a pet friendly solution. I’ve disconnected the speaker and removed the battery. At the moment a buzzer is sounding in the keypad on the hour, but it is at a manageable volume. it looks like the unit is wired into the circuit the downstairs sockets so I need to disconnect that from the breaker box. I called a local ‘pro’ this morning and arranged a visit to look at the key pad, he never showed, so it looks like I I’ll be trying to sort that myself. I’m assuming that it is ‘4-wire’ as that is how many are connected up at the main controller. i’ve been reading about pet friendly sensors as well so just drawing up a list of what I might need. from what I’m seeing the unit is old and there are much newer/better things out there that look easier to install
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    Thanks Peter, detectors are all in ceiling corners and most ceilings are 10am so I doubt it. admittedly the issue arose when we first moved in and had two kittens that could climb curtains- they are not so adventurous now, but we stopped using the alarm. we called the company whose sticker was on the wall unit- they went bust in March... As far as programming goes, I respect your advice. I have a battery coming tomorrow, I’ve dropped am email to gardtec about which controller to get and where from- we shall see if they reply
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