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  2. Good job , I was meant to tell you that forgot lol
  3. For reference: Reply from Scantronic support. The keypad backlighting is controlled from the local menu on the RKP itself, not from the panels Installer menu as stated in error in the manual. Sorry for any confusion caused. Thank you for you feedback the manuals will be corrected.
  4. What does it say on your contract of employment, WTR can be wavered in there to avoid issues for the company.
  5. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.unison.org.uk/content/uploads/2013/06/Briefings-and-CircularsWorking-Time-Directive-On-call-and-Sleeping-in-ver12.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiV0_jSw-fzAhWUa8AKHbzpDfYQFnoECA4QAQ&usg=AOvVaw3b0WnCzroeHqST90NiLXer
  6. What’s everyone’s general rule on rest time after calls our? is there even regulation to go by in a health and safety aspect? ie if you’re on call during your normal week and get a call out at 1am and say bs k in bed at 3 am do people still go to there normal day shift at 8/9 am? and if they start later lose there hours pay?
  7. Last week
  8. I have just fitted a Scantronic i-on10 with the KP01 Keypad. All is working well but I have a question regarding the keypad backlight settings. I can enable or disable the backlight by going into the local menu on the keypad. The instructions state that disabling the backlight at the keypad allows the settings in the installer menu to specify the backlight mode, these being On, Off, Timed & Brightness. I have disabled the backlight in the local menu on the keypad but cannot find the backlight options in the installer menu. Following the i-on10 configuration guide my understanding is that the option should be under Dectectors/Devices, Wired Keypads, Edit Keypad & then Backlight. Can any member offer any thoughts on what I am missing? Thanks.
  9. Under the second plant pot on the right WFM
  10. whats a ferrari california & a bentley bentayga worth ? Is wise to have the keys on the hook next to the entrance door...
  11. Why are we replying to old posts? the op is long gone
  12. Depends what you mean as a "closed system". Remote monitoring to an ARC is more secure than a stand alone bells only system. Either way this topic is more about the distribution of firmware, I pretty much covered my opinion in the quote.
  13. Down power the panel you'll get the bell ringing outside, that'll help find an intermittent beep...
  14. You can't boost a signal that's inside a faraday cage...
  15. only safe system is a closed system... plus, the smarter technology is, the more likely it'll mess up...
  16. from what a remember, scanny 9800 doesn't have an onboard buzzer..... i get this all the time... best thing is to shut all doors in house, walk around to see where noise loudest...due to frequency of beeps, it can throw its location around a bit... could be something in cupboard with scanny panel...but if you downpower the panel and leave it a while, and you still get chirrping, it definately is not the panel..
  17. a thief can use a booster, to boost signal for keys, where ever they are in the house..
  18. Ooooo not had good experiances with visonic stuff personally... problem with non-sub app is a possible lack of security... security features on an app costs money- what with secure servers etc.. no manafacturer will give that away for free..
  19. install pyronix enforcer in a cupboard, plug it in using a 3 pin plug. fit the wireless sab outside, wherever is easiest, remember that you will need to get back up to the bell every year or two(dependant on single/dual frequency) to replace battery. add wireless arming stations and detection devices to suit.. current enforcers have wifi built in, so you can access cloud via home wifi and pyronix cloud app. (recomend a UPS for the wifi router in ccase of power cut..). i personally prefer a pyronix 46 and wireless zem setup...
  20. can be a dodgy transformer or high resistance short...you'd need to check the voltage across 12v/0v aux.. try disconnecting all the 12v/0v terminals and checking 12v/0v aux voltages again, if it goes back to the normal 13.5-ishV, then its likely something wired in causing the issue. add a pair of 12v/0v at a time to see if values change..
  21. You sure your not part setting ? Or hallway sensor trigger before you open door
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