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  2. As I said I dont think Scotland will be able to Police it and so it will be pretty much the same as the UK, ie a fatal fire is investigated and its found that the homeowner did not have interlinked smoke detectors. Mind you if the fatality is the homeowner the gov cant exactly fine them
  3. It's a start though , so in Scotland you can get fined before something happens , otherwise England? Generally nothing happens until something happens , then they check what was and wasn't done
  4. https://www.gov.scot/news/changes-to-fire-safety-laws/ Basically BS5839 Part 6 LD which is installed into new builds and anything that requires building control. New Scottish law says that has to be installed into all existing buildings. Feck knows how they think they are going to Police that though. Colin I do understand that you wife doesnt like the idea of wireless, there are several theories that wireless is the root of all evil. However, the wireless smoke detectors are not transmitting wireless signals all the time, they only transmit when they are activated. So in other words when you have a fire in the hallway it transmits to the landing so both detectors activate. When there are no fires there is no wireless signal so nothing to worry about, I hope this helps
  5. Last week
  6. Hello guys, there is a new Scottish law on having interconnected fire alarms in all houses come February next year. Interconnected seems to mean a wireless system nowadays. My wife hates wi-fi equipment and refuses to have that, and I was wondering if any companies still do interconnection by thin cable between detectors, using 9V battery operated smoke detectors and 9V battery heat detector (kitchen). These used to be around in the 1990's as I installed them before in another house, but can only find wireless type now. I would not mind wiring up 3 smoke detectors and one heat detector with cable. But do not want a 240V AC system , just 9V batteries in each detector with an auxiliary contact in each to get all bells operating at the same time. If you could point me to any companies that still do these systems that would be really good,thanks. PS...Scotland is the first to do this, but i think the rest of the UK will follow, and it is us houseowners that have to pay for it, Grrh!
  7. I blame my age, but I had my eyes tested a few weeks ago and they were fine.
  8. They must of overheard you as theyve put their price up to 69p now
  9. nowt, I used to do this & the other building opposite for the landlord. The one is the pic is a 1st & 2nd floor HMO, Shop & the building on the corner is a Pizza shop I'd priced to replace a Newlec with a Kentec panel + add 2 repeaters some years ago.. he told me how much he 'd been quoted & asked me to match it... It was something laughable The other premises has is similar, 2 shops + HMO. Haes controls which I rather liked.
  10. What did you buy from there ?
  11. Say multipack not to be sold separately on the back?
  12. I live in Barnsley, this makes Hull look like Hampstead and they're a quid here.
  13. Tbf 65p for a bag of Doritos is a bargain. You can't have it both ways.
  14. i think they broke the budget & went with doubled side tape ? the good stuff to put no. plates on
  15. Only if it's mounted with blu-tac.
  16. Does the plug top mean it needs pat testing too
  17. https://www.paxton-access.com/products/net2-proximity-mifare-reader-p50/ We have added Genuine HID Technology to the P50 Mifare readers, they can now read HID 125kHz Proximity tokens, when licensed with an activation card. If required these readers can still be enabled to have Wiegand output, via a separate activation card. They read 125khz ASK fobs as we have some site where they are using the intruder fobs for the access.
  18. When you say multi format, is that it can read mifare and normal 125khz tags on the same reader Or it can ready different khz tags? Sound even more confusing lol Surprised no one has asked this question before on here, as it could be saving us installers some money than giving to Paxton etc..
  19. The sites where we have Paxton are Mifare, I hadnt realised they were multi format as standard on the other readers. I thought that was an option
  20. Paxton readers have been multiformat for about 5yrs
  21. net 2 mate, will double check on thurs aswell just to be sure thats what i thought with the hi tag 2 only issue with the chicklets is if they break off the chain as so small so a bit 50/50 about them
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