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Gardtec 360/580 Fb/pc Errors

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Hi folks,

Rather foolishly I managed to cut through one of the cables going to one of the PIR's connected to my GardTec 360/580 alarm.

Immediatly everything went dead and the bell box on the outside of the house went crazy. I reconnected the PIR correctly and then proceeded to check the mains fuses, which were fine, and ended up finding that the fuse near the top left hand corner of the control box (Near the tamper switch) had popped.

I replaced this temporarily with a 1AMP 240v fuse (It was better than the nail I was considering using ...)

Now everything is back on, I have entered the code to disarm the system but I have the error message "Fb" apparently regarding a fuse fail or battery fault.

I have checked and the battery is charging at around 13volts (9v when mains is switched off) suggesting that charging is working.

Problem is as soon as I arm the system the error remains. More problematic is that when I disarm the system I get a "Pc" (Mains power cut) error code which then results in the whole lot going off. I need to then enter the code to shut it all up.

My question to you folks is, what the hell do I do next :)

I'll probably regret asking tomorrow when I've had some sleep and some time to think but in the meantime has anyone ever had anything like this happen ?

Thanks in advance guys :(

- A rather stupid feeling, Jamie

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Please make sure you replace the fuse with the exact one! You should replace the cable that was cut but a joint in a suitable box and wired right will be fine.

You need a new battery.

Switch power off(wait ten secs) then on replace with new battery and enter code.

Replace cover on panel and reset.

You may at this time replace the external bell sounder battery but if ringing it is not essential!

Edited by Scottish Engineer

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Hi Scottish Engineer,

Well, it looks like I've been a spot unlucky but I've found out (finally) whats been going on.

Rightly, a couple of weeks ago builders tripped the main RCD for upstairs which left the alarm on backup battery for around 1hr or so until they realised. This obviously knackered what was an already knackered battery.

I obviously didn't help matters by cutting through all the PIR sensor wires shorting out the 12v supply which blew the fuse to the backup battery.

However in between all this I noticed, when taking apart the fused spur attached to the alarm that the earth wires (and one of the negative wires from the supply to the alarm) were slightly less than perfectly attached. Who ever fitted the original spur did a rather poor job, the earth wire simply fell out and they had over tightned the neutral screw by quite a large amount.

So, all of last night it looks like the alarm was switching from mains/battery when eventually the poor neutral connection to the spur finally gave up and forced the alarm to run on the backup battery, which pretty much finished it off :)

So in order:

1) Changed fused spur for better quality fitting.

2) Changed 1AMP fuse for correct 20mm fitting

3) Check all wiriing for continuity and checked all additional fuses.

4) Put back together, checked mains power

5) Swapped main battery, checked voltage +12v

6) Removed fuse to spur checked voltage at battery, still +12v but with voltage dropping slowly.

7) Re-connected mains supply and tested zones.

So, that seems to have fixed the problem. I'll keep an eye on it for the next few days but I figured I'd post this up in case anyone ever gets the same, or a similar problem again.

Thanks again for your help it has been very much appreciated.

- A happier, - Jamie

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