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  1. old pic, Pete hasn't had that much hair since 1998
  2. pic of where it should be fitted....
  3. if the building is open to the elements, wired external beams, which probably means your ebay stuff needs relocating to a skip you also should be looking to contact all the doors any wiring needs to be protected for the birds
  4. When you say eBay... is it some real tat alarm?
  5. snitches get stitches...
  6. You check your transformer works by measuring the output on volt meter (a/c selected)
  7. The whole of TSI is awaiting the pictures taken when you return to put this right
  8. if the ariel is for the alarm I can't why it would'nt have gone in the sounder ? if the Cctv wires are temp, a couple of metal clip would have been nice....
  9. Do we allow the none Cornish to do caps lock?
  10. I'd guess a certian "beast of burden" has moved back to London they use a very small bell label? I guess there not very proud of the job...
  11. Are both intruder & cctv done by the same mongs ?
  12. Trade v Retail If your a small co. you can probably buy most things off the web cheaper than ADI ect... Operating trade accounts & branches cost money,
  13. its in tamper / needs reseting after a tamper,
  14. I'd assume basic employed directly with sky would be comparable to an alarm co. ? I'd assume OTE would be daylight hrs on a weekend ? I'd also assume most SKY work is easier than security ?
  15. if you've no preconceived ideas of how something should work why waste your efforts with a 9600 ? If you learn the most commonly used commercial panel you'll most likely get a start on servicing at a regional or national co. If a certain national can train ex bus drivers or employ "2 screw" the Forest Gump of alarms, I'm certain Nero the Sky Man will do just fine