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  1. Chinky tat, but work quite well, brackets ain't great, programming is worse, unlikely to work all the time off solar in the UK as not enough charge to go over night its a chime for the drive rather than security...
  2. why did you choose this product ?
  3. spoil sport...
  4. He looks much younger on his his avatar...
  5. you've tested the cable between controls & rkp ?
  6. put the rkp onto a foot long "flylead of cable" & see if it works...
  7. looks a pile of poop... replace with an dt8016 or an Iwise DT, the toolstation pir is tat
  8. post a pic of the full sensor...
  9. I'm changing my answer... Visonic DT still late 80's The pic need rotating to the right, the jumper between pyro & leds is marked "m/w" Dt bit is the flat pcb type
  10. late 80's c&k thing ?
  11. looks right old.,... pulse count, no. of pulse of movement before the alarm relay opens memory - I assume a latch indication if multi sensors where on one circuit
  12. They all look neat with the lid on...
  13. roughly 12 months ago...... may 2014? loving the extra long mains flex & screw missing from top left corner,
  14. Kayleigh is it too late to say I'm sorry?
  15. don't use it.... Can't you define what content is sent ? & whether it restores ?