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  1. White A5 says RF Blah of something on it, I'll find it & PM a pic
  2. no good deed goes unpunished...
  3. Not made as progress since Jan/ Feb ? There is also a manual for the radio expander, i have a paper one & doubt you'll find a PDF one. If you where local to me for around £100 we could probably program it all back on. If you can't find anyone local to you, I guess your going to have to replace the system?
  4. You fitting something you don't sell ?
  5. Rochdale, known as the silicone valley ditch of the alarm industry ?
  6. tried reading it in a brummie accent....but no. So I google'd it & came back very nerdy
  7. welcome to TSI,
  8. Used a Risco or wireless Texecom panel ?
  9. euro mini enforcer
  10. You sure its not Scantronic 9800 ?
  11. Devices are marked with ICCID Sim No. Data No. Chip No. You'll need 1 or more of these bit of information to port it out, former ARC or former Installer may be really helpful & provide you with this information. I'd normally replace the signalling device,
  12. there this amazing invention called a multi meter..... you could measure the circuits to see it there wired correctly ? or with the panel comes a poly bag, remove all wiring from terminal, place 2k2 resistor across each zone, link out bell tamper & any aux tamper, with battery fitted & lid on you should be fault when leaving engineering if so put one zone back on at time & check circuit with meter or built in check until every zone is in place do you have all 6 wire in the device ?
  13. Some hero's don't wear cape's