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  1. Best Open Source DVR software

    unless your DVR is a rebranded version of something mainstream your probably stuck with what you've got
  2. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    working or not its still toot
  3. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    I googled "CNM Primus", looks proper toot.... just buy a new branded machine If money is tight try the old HDD in new machine,
  4. I was hearing voices before I was a mod, however the tablets take the edge of the desire to kill....
  5. I've only ever removed Ion's however should you change the endstation you will have to program the 2 door sensors, 10 Wireless Sensors, 2 Programmable key pads and key fobs back onto the system. If a have a wireless bell(s) you will need to do that too again I don't work with them, you MAY be able to import the old programming into the new controls,
  6. Vans

    they'll probably sort it when it goes in the repair / replacement of the gearbox ?
  7. FIRE ALARM advice needed

    I'm just a loon with cartoon avatar... If they are tying to bum you thousands for fire alarms & access controls, I'd explore a plan b of a phoenix of the co. to a new legal status & in time new premises goodluck
  8. FIRE ALARM advice needed

    you soletrader or guarantor for the rent / lease ? or ltd co. ?
  9. FIRE ALARM advice needed

    The loop runs though the building, might be very easy to chop & change it to do your bit or might have been a new loop card & long run back the controls... Again a repeater might have be very easy to chop & change it to do your bit or might have needed a card & long run back the controls... I suspect 4k will be the cost of the works + a margin for centre, 10%, 100% who know's ? Has the job been done on sunday night at triple the labour cost? I don't know, If possible speak to the other units to see if they've been bum raped for 4k I expect you'll be able to negotiate it down, however I'd assume will be using the large LPC type of co. rather than somebody small & local ?
  10. FIRE ALARM advice needed

    10 devices + controls £2250.00+vat, I assume there also alarm be sounders..... but I've not costed for these, nor for containment, or access equipment Many moons ago I did 12 systems in a shopping centre tenant to provide there own system & pay to connect to the centers, connection was £300 per system payable in advance most paid cash on the day, engineer had around £1500 in his pocket for 2hrs work...
  11. Vans

    Say you want a mid sized van.. You can buy Renault with a Renault engine or a Nissan with a Renault engine or a Vauxhall with a Renault engine or a Fiat with a Renault engine or a Mercedes with a Renault engine If you not keen on Renault... There's a Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Toyota & a Ford with PSA engines If you don't really don't want french, either do your homework or go VW ?
  12. Can anyone identify this?

    SD1+GJD make me think its a hous & the 1313 + surge purge say either problem site or the last controls went "puff" in a storm?
  13. Can anyone identify this?

    Not very helpful, why have you got a property or home with no codes to the alarm ? Personally I think you'd be better calling a co. however we'd only be interested in replacing the controls, but we should be able to retaining the other devices