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  1. Hello

    does a small "c" show in the bottom rh line of the lcd ?
  2. Hello

    shows "service required on the display" after 367 days the beep is either something "chiming" or fault which should be visable when entering a code
  3. will ebay chinky tat suit your needs ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-360-PIR-Infrared-Motion-Movement-Sensor-Detector-Switch-Mounted-Ceiling-/352165250609?hash=item51feaf4631:g:KeIAAOSwgKpZulPM
  4. Intruder alarm Smoke sensor recommendations

    Proper fire alarms have fire resistant cables, sounders will sound during a fire 240v smoke detectors have a battery in each one should sound until damaged by fire 12v alarm smoke detectors have no sounders & alarm cables burn
  5. Hi

    2 post today ? I'll ask the boss to add an extra HDD to the server....
  6. Blueborne - Bluetooth vulnerabilities

    Meh, IOS already patched
  7. How do you twist your cable?

    hand - you "plat it" then pull the pair apart & it tightens it drill - a small length of coat hanger bent into a hook,
  8. Van Photo

    sorry I engaged stalking mode & googled "sean sunderland" Tipperary, which I understand is long way to get to ?
  9. Van Photo

    Ireland ?
  10. Bark Door Bell

    Immingham? f#ck that...
  11. Bark Door Bell

    Every day I get an "enquiry" that someone needs a "bark door bell" ? from different people at bark.com, I assume this a marketing attempt ? you guys getting these aswell?
  12. Pyronix Euro 46 control panel question

    guess / insult I'm not seen it, but unless its f'kin massive a true bungalow is pish easy
  13. Pyronix Euro 46 control panel question

    I'm guessing your IT? why on earth are you pissing about with an alarm... I can understand if want to wire if the property is "difficult" or under "renovation" but 2nd fixing what you describe is at most a morning work ?
  14. Pyronix Euro 46 control panel question

    any open zone which is not "Final exit" or "Entry Route" at the time of setting will cause exit fault When Set an "Entry Route" zone allows you (or the burglar) to walk arcoss that sensor when in the alarm is in "Entry" If the alarm is set & not in entry it creates an alarm
  15. Pyronix Euro 46 control panel question

    no, I asssume it need to be "entry route" rather than intuder