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  1. Amberstone

    never heard of them....
  2. Amberstone

  3. ADT System

    prick was a dentist, something very senior in the local NHS & a with private practice in a "posher" bit of happyland..... bitched & moaned about his modest maint & mon costs (digi) promised cheques which never appeared, eventually I got bored of this & sent a collection letter from a solicitor he rushed the cheque out & forgot to attach a stamp... then panicked & sent a 2nd cheque this time stamped he rung me to inform them of this , I received both letters & returned 1 cheque
  4. ADT System

    I get told all sorts of tales..... one of the better ones was the home owner popping into xyz alarms & locksmiths to a get key cut to find the burglar form the night before working behind the counter
  5. Problem with gardtec 800

    enter code, "do you want the set system" press no "do you want to program system" press yes new rkp is be around £90 for the part, I'd bin the lot of it
  6. Multimeter calibration

    ACT checker thing ?
  7. Help required with panel

    not sure, let me google "accenta alarm manual" & I'll come back to...
  8. ADT System

    well after hundreds I'd be looking to cut the rate down to 6hrs as surley you must be faster by now ?
  9. Replacing Texecom Key Pad

    nah just shit design, they could have used the metal work from the vertias
  10. Multimeter calibration

    for under £40 you can buy a durable accurate multimeter When its gets lost or broken I'm not gonna give a shiney shit...
  11. Multimeter calibration

    You'll never get the same reader twice Multimeter - I bet is bought in from HungFu
  12. Multimeter calibration

    old ACT stuff was TES of Taiwan, Currently have a Martindale which quite nice (which I think is BRK precision) Cheapest I'd go is Temma or Uni-Trend, below that whats the point ?
  13. Multimeter calibration

    most stuff is re branded Chinese stuff,
  14. Unknown Alarm System Please Advise

    its radio & its made by visonic
  15. Keypads and manuals

    Zencon 2900