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  1. Thinking of Subbing?

    yes & 4i ain't so far....
  2. All these yrs I've read all your content like Apu from the kwik-e mart
  3. I'd say your buying the "Wong" stuff
  4. you may get extra costs for import duty
  5. Alarm - FULL MOT?

    You've seen our Pug van then...
  6. Alarm - FULL MOT?

    cost £0, "MOT" fail no tamper circuit panel date says 1996 but wiring looks older ?
  7. Printer recommendations please

    knew there was a pic some where.... Lexamrk make some smashing printers
  8. Printer recommendations please

    £4 over - https://www.printerland.co.uk/Lexmark-CX317dn--P139622.aspx
  9. Printer recommendations please

    Iirc dell printers are rebranded Lexmark I have cheapo mono dell printer & a Lexmark multifunction cira £160inc vat However genuine toner is dearer than others. Scanning stuff is quicker & easier with a brother ADS rather than using MFP
  10. Pyronix Enforcer comms issue

    +150mA for the controls ? + bell, modern low current one 60mA in day call it 500ma for easy math ? lets call the 2200mA panel battery 2.5A for easy math? so just 5 hr standby I'd assume the psu to be rated 1A & assume the system will draw more than this in alarrm ?
  11. Pyronix Enforcer comms issue

    remove all wired devices off the system & set & then unset the alarm if a fault are still logged, move the router further away from the controls & try again if you get it working next test is wire everything back set it , remove power & let it ring for a bit turn it off & leave the power off for bit longer....
  12. Pyronix Enforcer comms issue

    because a panel, keypad, app card & 3 zem is much dearer than an enforcer + 4 zem ?