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  1. get a proper fire or proper interlinked smoke alarms
  2. nah, like alarms I'll be working too close to c#nts everyday
  3. anything but fire & security system....
  4. I'd assume the keypads need enabling in engineering ? What mind bending drugs in qty to stun a horse did you take before making the bright idea to purchase a prosys ?
  5. I'd say the "house bashing" is self deprecation than aimed at anyone, Most of the posters are "trade" with a mix of ability's, there's always some helpful advice mixed in with the banter,
  6. It's not consumer electronics, a skilled alarm monkey can poke 'em with a screw driver & everything is peachy (ish) Alarm monkeys can spend too much time in cupboards to have people skills....
  7. condensation or device fitted to an outward opening door, Clean terminals, touch of petroleum jelly on battery ends maybe a silica gel pack in the case OMG I'm possessed by the late, great, Arfur Mo....
  8. Today I've been f#cking around with a CPX with fitted 2004 ish ? Tamper on radio contact, existing PCB fitted into new case Subs asking about the code as he uses fobs... I f#ck around with a rkp on a fly lead to get the code back to 5678 Then the old git asks if it night sets the same.... & promptly types 1212 & lots perplexed that it nolonger works....
  9. radio battery low would normally list a device no. 80's are fobs 90's are sensors any high low battery fault = new battery & ensure highest & lowest options are in place The system is a piece of piss to support for someone with experience of the product This week I've had struggled with an engenius bridge, a BT homehub 5 & a thomas techincolour router ( the prricks had ceased the line & adsl) If i was a full time IT monkey I'd been much quicker
  10. they should be metal machine screws with slotted heads under the caps
  11. says radio low battery 15th feb..... you using remote fobs (not prox tokens) ? battery monitoring options are under diagnostics ? low is 11.8 & high is 14.2 IIRC ?
  12. from an alarm co. one who familer with your product would probably change the al the battery monitoring option to the highest & lowest settings all the radio sensor batteries require replacing too
  13. When its wet or they wash stuff down, I was toying with dipping them in resin or something