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  1. MrHappy

    Regal safe

    manuals are for trade members, its very very old..... why bother ?
  2. MrHappy

    2nd tamper bell box

    there's is diagram with the texecom sounder on how to connect mutlipal units or you can just series them up, or use the 0v return to operate a relay & connect to a zone
  3. MrHappy

    Abel alarm

    far right ?
  4. MrHappy

    Abel alarm

    I think he bought / got given an empty box... looks to be 3 screw holes in the back plate, 2 fixing screws for the lid 3 fixings screws for an electronic horn? 4 fixings for bell module 2 sets of 2 fixings for micro switches I've never touched an able sounder... so I'd assume an aritech, ade, ect module... but could be anything
  5. MrHappy

    Can anyone identify this alarm system?

    abacus evolution
  6. MrHappy

    how to remove line fault on ts790+

    you removed a dc58 of it ?
  7. MrHappy

    Any Scan ion 16 experts...

    is it something really basic like the mhz has changed on the new product ?
  8. MrHappy

    Panorama - Hacked Smart Home

    Is your WiFi password still P0xluvsc0vks! ?
  9. MrHappy

    Galaxy High Resistance

    so the advantage is a high resistance fault when closed wouldn't generate a intruder signal unless it got to "tamper values" I assume "high resistance" is x% of the circuits resistance values so 1k & 1k is quite narrow but at 4k7 & 4k7 its more forgiving ?
  10. MrHappy

    Galaxy High Resistance

    what does "high resistance" do when the system is set ?
  11. MrHappy

    Risco gt600 PIR issue

    Changing both the controls & the sensors will be too dear for the sub
  12. MrHappy

    Karizma+ questions

    lol, I was guessing it may have been one of the late great "arfurmo" systems traded as something eye from wickford or thereabouts. But w/o the use of a ouija board we'll never know
  13. MrHappy

    Gardtec 800 part set procedure

    swapping the colours around make no difference to the circuit, your picture shows the strands of the cable touching.... that is probably why it was in tamper
  14. MrHappy

    Karizma+ questions

    long shot.... Essex ?

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