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  1. CCTV Sub Contractors, All regions

    bump.. Still looking for sub contractor UK wide.
  2. CCTV Sub contractors required All regions, 1st/2nd/commission, fault, maintenance Must have experience of working in a retail environment CSCS, IPAF and references required Experience of IP and Analogue systems essential, including Pelco/BBV matrix, Samsung and HIK Please contact via PM, including regions covered, experience, day / callout and hourly rates. A non disclosure and non competitive agreement will have to be signed.
  3. Hikvision & Net2

    Description: Hikvision have implemented a plugin integration with Net2 using Paxton's Video Integration Platform. This allows Hikvision NVR's (Network Video Recorders) to be listed as a camera integration within Net2 and provides an easy configuration of the NVR details and camera detection. These cameras can be associated with individual doors to monitor access. Currently the system is only able to associate 1 camera per door. Net2 compatibility: v5.01 onwards Languages available: Most languages available How to buy: www.hikvision.com or email: support@hikvision.com Download Hikvision driver for Net2: ftp://Hik_Paxton:Paxton_Hik@ftp.hikvision.com Contact telephone: +86 571 8807 5998
  4. Hik camera seating

    That's wrong Camera should fit "flush" with no gap Check it is the correct bracket for the camera, there's quite a few Examples of correct fitting:
  5. Dahua in commercial world

    Due to the location of the site we were limited by the connections/speed available. Ideally we would have gone leased line, but BT quoted £300k to install fibre. and the permits required to dig was just getting silly. Luckily there where enough copper pairs left in the existing BT cable to go with a dual ADSL solution.
  6. Dahua in commercial world

    Its a 3U Cisco blade: Router/Firewall Server Switch But in order to run all that: WAN Link (bonded ADSL) Internals of cabinet BT Router top Backup router, should the one in the Cisco blade fail
  7. Dahua in commercial world

    That's delivery companies for you! Dropped them about 100m from the entrance in the carpark. There's over 250kg of weight there too
  8. Dahua in commercial world

    and another one being prepared. and approx £100k worth of accompanying switches and routers
  9. Dahua in commercial world

    Top image is, show the old Milestone server at the bottom as we prepared to move it onto the new virtual server. Bottom image is it moved into new sound/dust proof cabinet
  10. Dahua in commercial world

    VMWare management using VSphere (desktop client) is simple. On each Virtual server you can set max/min CPU, memory, LAN usage. So for CCTV we priorities LAN bandwidth, but not processor and memory. Its so easy to monitor everything through one client. Typical VMWare setup: ESX server host Virtual Centre Server Virtual Infrastructure (VI) client Web Browser License Server Database
  11. Dahua in commercial world

    We did briefly look at oracle VB, but the lack of support was an issue. Obviously cost wise VB wins hands down. VB is great for desktop virtualisation, VMWare for enterprise solutions VMWare also does quite a lot more, and is considerably quicker From what I remember the main issue for us with VB was controlling hardware ports through each virtualised server
  12. Dahua in commercial world

    Another vote for Milestone + Dell Server We've recently created a Cisco blade "security" server with router/firewall, VMWare with servers for Milestone CCTV, Paxton Net2 for access. Nice one "box" solution
  13. Is everyone quiet?

    First time in 10 years were quiet on the infrastructure side. April usually triggers orders from our bigger customers. Speaking to them it appears there budgets have been cut, causing a knock on effect. Project management side is still healthy.
  14. Ground Loop Issue?

    What BNC connectors are you using? TVI can be very fussy with the BNC termination compared to "old style" analogue. Make sure when terminating the BNC that the foil shield and braiding on the cable is cut back so its well clear from the centre conductor/pin. You don't normally have to worry about this so much with analogue but I've witnessed a similar fault to what your describing. Just for test purposes try connecting the camera to the DVR using CAT5 and baluns
  15. Pivot Attacks Using Dvr's

    We advise the client of the potential risks and offer a solution. This is either re-configuring there existing routers/switches/firewalls or installing new CIsco kit or if on a budget we'll use smoothwall http://www.smoothwall.org/ For me, keep the network security separate. Its too complicated for a CCTV installer to undertake Don't forget a single DVR can provide a route onto a network. Below is an example of a system we've recently installed. Its using a Cisco 3925 service router, with layer 2/3 switch, server blade and application acceleration. Installed on the blade server is Milestone software for the CCTV (But this could have been a separate DVR plugged into the switch). Data/Voice/CCTV is all separated by VLANs and QOS is used.