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    All master blasters must be fitted directly above the keypad for use on bell tests
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    A world of pain imo, it will end up tarnishing you, not the fact it's not your preferred kit.
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    No cheap jibes from me, I totally understand the need for automation at your age.
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    the thieves guild used to have burglary as a 2 man job, sensors wired in parallel would detect 2 men in the 2 separate rooms at the same time. I blame thatcher for breaking the unions ever since the poor alalrm monkey ensure they did their zone in series or one devices a zone.... bitch
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    There's a thought, you could get a lot of kit on a bus, a lot more than you can in a Kangoo, and the longer ladders will fit inside
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    no good deed goes unpunished...
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    The first system I ever installed for a proper (I.e not mate or relative) customer in 97. I do wonder if the customer is still alive (and not because of my work!)
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    It's not a Veritas though
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    He has not logged in for 6 years, to this 7 year old topic, so unlikely that advice will be of any help to him.
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    I almost thought of taking your side until you said this lol
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    LOL I wasnt taking the piss I was trying to explain how it is. Nobody here is out to get you, you just need to try and get us
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    It may come across that way but its not intended too, its a nerdy forum full of nerds that sometimes have difficulty getting theyre point across. But sometimes the other nerds are not listening unless its something they were expecting to hear.
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    Are you hard of thinking or what? Most don't fit to a standard, every reply you have had states that. There isn't a standard. The only ones who have a one size fits all standard are the donkey have-a-go chancers that plague this industry who just leave the setting at whatever factory default is because they have no idea what the setting does.
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    I know that, but he is saying that was the first actually answer on the thread, i was saying the correct answer came way sooner than that. The correct answer also came from many sources, but still we seem to be getting mixed gibberish.
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    Have you ever tried sd cards as edge storage? the cards don't last. even the expensive mlc cards you are lucky to get a year out them
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    Tell your face that
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    You wouldn't believe he is only a couple years behind me would you
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    No shame in it PJ it will come to most of us, age can be a cruel mistress and as a man in his 40's I still may not make it to the golden years you are encountering. I also hear these may be of use to you?
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    You fitting something you don't sell ?
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    Rochdale, known as the silicone valley ditch of the alarm industry ?
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    Hangon oddly enough on texecom paper
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    Some hero's don't wear cape's
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    can you stop reposting my pic
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    Was told to fit one in a large shop, first time it went off the neighbours in the flats above complained. The next time it went off it was removed two days later after a visit from the council for noise pollution. I did ask my supervisor if this was a good idea but what do I know I was only an engineer with only fifteen years experience at the time.
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    Never heard of a MrHappy either lol Everyone is always miserable
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    Sorry but I'm asking to get the e-mail address to send you proof of being an engineer, I'm trying to follow what you want but need a little help from you to let me know the e-mail address to send it to. So I"m not trying to not comply, quite the opposite! I even have my e-mail page open ready to copy the address into If you do not want to accept an e-mail as proof, I'd suggest removing that as an option for being verified?
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    to be fair we get lots of trade requests from people that are not trade or don't read and assume that asking for will do. Pete volunteers to do the vetting.
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    I've negged him and reported but I know nothing will happen...
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    Neg him for non performance and send him a panel with an old cone cutter shoved into the side cut in jaws style
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    I am prepared to wait...
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    Birmingham and Manchester tend to show the trend. I'm seeing breakins just staying upstairs again. last time was 10 years ago. I'm also seeing gsm jammers and line cuts. New version of the old stuff and cut
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    Yes just like the Lada Niva is regarded as the best Lada....
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    Nope, not normally it was only because the sparkie brought it up.
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    Ha, well, I guess who is the customer to question, is the Accenta a Grade 2 alarm? I can see why the customer believed him, because the panel says G4 on the front, of course it is Generation 4 Software it's running, like its predecessor, the G3
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    If it's open then it's likely a setting in the app or the settings in Program Digi then.
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    You never know until you try... PM me if you need any more info. Heading out for day so I will be slow in responding.
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    Open Close list.tiff From CONXTD you can select a filter just to show all Open/Close events and this will give you the text associated. I've attached a screenshot of a report from the past 2 weeks with all OP/CLs from our office. End user can have this and manage. May be worth you having a look at the thread on the topic in this area?
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    as I said wire it correctly and it will function, but you need a latching sensor in one place to know which one triggers. Best way is to have a panel that has enough inputs for your detectors. Also get builders to build, get an alarm specialist to do alarms.
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    yes wire it in correctly. and use a latching sensor.
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    so zone 4 used to indicate. When did you last walk test it succesfully Ok id say they have never worked then.
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    nah I use 4 core, no tampers no call backs
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    No need for quick sketches I found the fault it's one of Mr H's refurb , seriously H get someone to help yourself out man
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    Would look a lot better and connection would be secure behind a base.
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    ARC prob have it on log only with only 24 % signal.