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    Yes, it has. It's called angina. I have survived three 'strobe events' so far - this service is intended to prevent (or at least delay) the fourth.
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    Hi Neil, Have a read of the rules and Trade application requirements, also be good to have some input on the forum rather than just using it as a library.
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    there's a small amount of people who want a proper alarm, a smaller still amount who want maintenance, a smaller amount again who want proper signalling, & not all of these want a URN
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    If all you want to do is make calls and text then I'd say you are much better off with an old Nokia
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    Went bump and started again using same name slightly Loads have do it around here.
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    was flexible. But as they went bust it was too dear and didn't keep with the times
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    I think he was referencing the ease of them bending over and resetting over the phone, makes a mockery of having a code regardless of how often it changes.
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    Sensors have been sealed against your 'bugs' for years now, I would be very surprised if that's it . Not a problem these days.
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    Id always crash and reprogram anyway
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    www.nsi.org.uk and www.ssiab.com these are the inspectorates for the industry. you can search using your postcode on the websites. My advice would be to pick three companies, and then choose the company you feel most with which is not necessarily the cheapest.
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    they will come to you I'm sure
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    They often don't read messages, keep nudging and taking part lol
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    Think they need new people to get involved with topics etc before being allowed into the inner sanctum!......tough finding time sometimes!
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    I must admit, the first 5 years my life was work, work, work, and I missed a bit of family life. I made up for it with holidays, and I did read my kids a bedtime story most nights though
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    For me it's a small niche market of those who are happy that the minimum price for a decent quality intruder alarm in a 3 bed semi is circa £600ish. No SSAIB / NSI here. Those customers do exist, just don't expect a flood of them.
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    Hi, I'm a Scantronic user and have installed a few of the Ion 30r panels and booked to install a 40h Panel tomorrow. I have always found the support guys and girls very helpful if I needed them!
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    The mains is constantly charging the battery and the battery is what is powering your system, if the mains fails the battery continues to power your system. Depending on the current being drawn by your system and the size of the battery, it should last anything between 6 and 12 hours. Professional installers will use a multimeter to find out what current is being drawn, and calculate what size battery is required to provide a minimum of 12 hours standby.
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    Thanks everyone. Turns out there was a jumper inside that needed to be linked out. All sorted now
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    Nothing wrong with the accord, great little panel and programmable via the keypad providing you have the engineer code. If you've bought a 7422 it's either second hand or stolen.
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    Give your local ADT branch a call and ask them.
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    We use the coopers M12 and fit remote sounders and an Expander PSU - along with Ion 40H remote access to sys tem with coms works very well and quick and easy to identifie fault/fire alarm not always so easy on the mains operated ones
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    Are you sure it's a Galaxy and not a PX/QX?
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    The only time I see the SPC/Signet wireless devices go discon is either when the tamper is open or the battery is removed. Apart from that I'd say faulty sensor
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    I suppose it helps if you know all the features to find the "glitches" then... Now you mention it I understand where you went wrong with your Duress. PA Alarm would be the correct output to use for a Duress, PA Silent would only trigger on a "silent" zone whereas PA Alarm is any Panic event including Duress, so that's another "glitch" that wasn't.
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    You need to start again with the wiring. It's too messy. Solid cores are too brittle too. Spend £15 on alarm cable. Connect three cores only at the panel. Say: +12v - brown 0v at the zone - blue The zone input - green. At the sensor, connect Brown to +12v Blue to 0v. Now loop a wire from 0v in the sensor and connect it to NC. Connect a 1k resistor from NC to C Connect another resistor between C and T1. Connect the green wire to T2.
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    LOL this place is full of sarcasm and satire, you do know that this is a security industry forum right? If you can put up with the humour, and you're prepared to put in as much as you get back you could find this site useful.
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    Have to join the queue, I think bArrons still up to his nuts there.
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    Norm send me the part numbers, that picture is breathtaking, focussed in on carpet, looks great
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    Could you post a screen shot of the footage?
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    Ah, the often forgotten Midlands based version of the 4 Tops.
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    Well some people's idea of superb picture is different to others , so you could be right or could be far off
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    Lol over phone just like that is funny Almost as funny as op
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    Worth having a code on it then
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    Knowing the age of the panel its probably assumed that the bell is of a relative age. The advice given comes from the voice of experience, the panel over 20 years old, it has been on all that time, armed or not, it has been on, therefore its tired. If you left your tv on for 20 years would you expect the picture quality to be as good as new? Even well serviced alarm systems become unreliable as they get to the sort of age yours is, yours hasnt been serviced for several years by the sound of things. The problem with alarm systems is they can be a nuisance when they start making noises in the middle of the night and the owner cant stop them, engineers dont like being woken up in the middle of the night to attend to alarm systems that have become a nuisance because the owner tried to save some cash, hence when you come here and ask we give the right advice. If its not what you want to hear thats not really our problem, we can only tell you what is right, because you wont thank us if we just told you what you want to hear, when the thing is going off at silly oclock in the morning and you cant stop it.
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    what on earth do you need 25fps for you making a film?
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    Id rather eat worms than install a swan system ........just saying
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    I would scrap it , adt and others will charge you, not being a bad thing to call in proffesional (adt etc) but you need to upgrade this panel like you do your phone or anything else and move with the times Of course you could call them and be stuck with it for even longer , good in there time of course
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    As previously said didnt.move with the times and only total lunatic continues to service them or try to keep them going
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    All things being equal yes, but this has to be different from now on in. It is only the beginning too where security is concerned if we go down the route of the ever popular automated equipment.
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    The whole 3rd party monitoring malarkey, the automated heating hardware, again with its fate largely decided by someone else and how good their security is. Alarm apps, another risky minefield. All rather sexy but undoubtedly a bigger risk than without.
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    I suppose if you can't manage a decent post on CG's findings something is better than nothing. His findings have no bearing on me whatsoever but I note them with interest, nothing more. When it comes to security I'm an end user so evaluating the information is important should I go a particular route. However, the results haven't come as a total surprise, the level of incompetence on the other hand has though.
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    I’m lead to believe it changes daily but thanks for the pointless replies to the thread, top banter.
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    # clueless......but that comes with an alarm engineer never having worked for an alarm company...oh the irony