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    Cunts that text and drive want their fingers broken never mind banned.
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    Mess of wiring, tape covering joints, 10 zones on 8 zone panel and seems to have no tampers. Burn marks around R69, D1, D3 and D13 indicate the panels PSU has probably been overloaded and the components will be tired. If it was a decent system in good order it would be worth looking after, but I'd rip it out myself TBH.
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    Across the street for attention, down the road for results.
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    how do i delete my account?
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    1) A lot of reading 2) To what grade ? 3) None 4) A load of old men trying to justify a salary 5) Whats it doing ? not ring, or tamper faults or SAB battery needs replacing 6) when its to long 7) Binning Swann and yale kits as you need a waste carriers licence 8) Rotate the VHS tapes in the tape despensor 9) Never 10) See answer to 7
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    So a chap cant have a tracker on his friends car now without being called needy?? What next switch off the covert cameras?
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    I reckon tamper circuit has a fault hence bypassed instead fixed All this flaffing around and going in circles what's the point? Get services or fixed.or DIY it which looks as if it's been down that route with tamper bridged
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    knew there was a pic some where.... Lexamrk make some smashing printers
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    assuming its peizo type sounder... could be shafted, might get louder by letting it "ring" personally I 'd want to bin the controls & sounder, putting new shiny kit in its place
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    You can't leave , don't be a silly Billy Be Billy no mates like me
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    Ask the ECS to book you on the City & guilds NVQ level 3 (the one they require) They won't be able to as it does not exist, currently having a argument with them, spoke to the exam bodies we have training certificates from and also Tavcom, and they are all saying that ECS cant ask for a NVQ level 3 as it hasnt existed for 5 years or more. ECS told us just to apply for the white card for security systems, pass the Health & safety exam and get a letter from our employer stating we can do the job and that's it, and will be upgraded to gold when they get their mess sorted out. BTW ECS card has the CSCS logo on it and is deemed the same.
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    it could be anything, i can suggest 4 random numbers if that will help?
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    Do you want someone easily and inexpensively corruptable installing your security?
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    His accent is more "innit geezer !!!" Well if you want to be understood you need to make fookin sense!
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    Maybe the supplier only sells tat then. I agree with Sixwheel, the chances of you actually getting a decent picture of someone damaging your vehicle is a 200 to 1 at best, and if you insist on using cheap tat suppliers that cant even supply cameras that cannot be lassoed, or pointed to the sky with a broom, the odds go up to 1000 to 1. Maybe you could reserve your space with this.
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    Great thing about WD is you can check your Serial Numbers are valid and within warranty date online. https://support.wdc.com/warranty/
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    QFA If you do wish to keep it, expect to pay around £200-£300 to have it all re tested and commissioned. you may get a cheaper deal if you are going to put it on an annual service contract, (this would also give you access to emergency call out facility incase It’s goes pop)
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    Have you morphed into a pigeon?
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    I can recommend Kyocera, use a taskalfa at work Id avoid Samsung for colour but rate them mono
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    I was thinking more https://www.printerland.co.uk/Kyocera-ECOSYS-M2540dn-P138582.aspx There's others of course Oh and avoid hp mfps although there normal printers are are good , you need to look at models and look up there reviews All about budget
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    £4 over - https://www.printerland.co.uk/Lexmark-CX317dn--P139622.aspx
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    Iirc dell printers are rebranded Lexmark I have cheapo mono dell printer & a Lexmark multifunction cira £160inc vat However genuine toner is dearer than others. Scanning stuff is quicker & easier with a brother ADS rather than using MFP
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    Brother HL-3170CDW would be the newer duplex version of my colour laser which has been solid over the years. Friend of mine has a MFC-9340CDW and has been pretty happy with it, not sure how much he's used the duplexer mind. I normally avoid anything Lexmark myself, from past experience. I was also going to ask if SOHO use?
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    Is this for personal use? I have a Dell multi function laser printer at home, that I am very happy with. The toner is very cheap on Ebay and Amazon (copy not original) I purchase another for the office and that one even has WPS we no longer have a photo copier, we scan anything that needs to be copied, but most jobsheets are electronic. My one is like this only it is smaller and cheaper but not by that much https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dell-S2815dn-Ethernet-Multifunction-Printer-Black/dp/B0170RA7KS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523280938&sr=8-1&keywords=dell+multifunction+colour+laser+printer
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    +150mA for the controls ? + bell, modern low current one 60mA in day call it 500ma for easy math ? lets call the 2200mA panel battery 2.5A for easy math? so just 5 hr standby I'd assume the psu to be rated 1A & assume the system will draw more than this in alarrm ?
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    3 attempts at communicating every time the the system is open or closed... Digi programmed ? so- 4 wired zems on an enforcer + wired bell(s) ? all powered off the controls ?
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    Would you get a confirmed signal from a combined shone and DC and if so would it conform?
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    you can never leave....
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    Perhaps, you mean you don't know? What are you on?
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    Just stating facts, you jumped to the wrong conclusion and are getting angry, guessing you eat a lot of red meat.
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    Dickheads who should be banned.
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    There are ADT engineers on here that are very good, I would have no hesitation in trusting them with my alarm system, but like all companies there will be good and bad. ADT are very big so the law of averages would mean they get a bad press. I would recommend that you get three quotes, choose at least one smaller independent go with whoever makes you feel most comfortable. I guess you dont live in the cheapest house so dont choose the cheapest security, those selling on price are normally not the best. Both NSI and SSIAB can provide Police response, and in the unlikley event of something going wrong you can complain to the inspectorate.
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    Yes Teacher ! Sorry if my english is not good, but I just arrived from Africa on a boat and I did not have time to study... Feel free to correct the wrong sentences using your red pen, teacher …
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    Perhaps they are childish little fools,
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    You can buy a shock sensor which includes a door contact So if someone kicks in the back door (pun intended) and then opens it is that unconfirmed and confirmed or just a unconfirmed as its a single device
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    Of course not, who on earth would do that!
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    I thought standard fobs work, and only a problem if you have it programmed to more than one system ?
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    I never understood Prox unset Why isn't it Prox set , code unset or I probably confused anyway lol
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    He was so strait he wasn’t willing to do any additional work. Not for any price. I even had the door contact so he didn’t have to supply that. Inasked the engineer who who installed it and he wouldn’t give me the engineers code
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    Norman You just can help yourself can you, always got to belittle to make you feel important
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    As I thought. I guess that's why they make them. I'm surprised you don't know what I mean as you must sell them online
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    Surely everyone knows a shone means shock right? I was rushing to write it before the traffic moved off
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    Then ban me Norman That way you can keep your clicky little club to yourself and be all high and mighty
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    I'm not sure how I'm getting negative marks for adding to this forum but crack on loafty.