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    Exactly Norman, hence why I am asking the question on a professional security forum. Haven't fitted many myself but thought I would seek advice. Nothing worse than fitting ***** that you keep getting called back for.
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    nah, like alarms I'll be working too close to c#nts everyday
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    I'd assume the keypads need enabling in engineering ? What mind bending drugs in qty to stun a horse did you take before making the bright idea to purchase a prosys ?
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    You'd be better installing something that's not tat or likely to cause you revisits and generates recurring revenue. Customers have no idea what they want.
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    a paid adverts Texecom approved/ registered means fuck all, I could get my goldfish signed up... we'd be above £60 for for visit, TBH most of the site is petty piss taking ? Buy metal cased premier, 7ah is okay depending how much kit is powered of it
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    I do think its a bit unfair to get an installer from gumtree then assume pro installers are the same
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    anything but fire & security system....
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    Don't blag you only do alarmubances
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    This thread is a prime example of how having and keeping maintenance up pays dividends.
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    I'd say the "house bashing" is self deprecation than aimed at anyone, Most of the posters are "trade" with a mix of ability's, there's always some helpful advice mixed in with the banter,
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    condensation or device fitted to an outward opening door, Clean terminals, touch of petroleum jelly on battery ends maybe a silica gel pack in the case OMG I'm possessed by the late, great, Arfur Mo....
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    Today I've been f#cking around with a CPX with fitted 2004 ish ? Tamper on radio contact, existing PCB fitted into new case Subs asking about the code as he uses fobs... I f#ck around with a rkp on a fly lead to get the code back to 5678 Then the old git asks if it night sets the same.... & promptly types 1212 & lots perplexed that it nolonger works....
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    I tend to butcher plastics & pcbs when removing Friday night I changed a 9 circuit Euro 12 c/w old metal zem into 76M that I had on stock. I unscrewed the speaker, scb & rkp then chopped the euro 12 pcb in half, hacked away at the plastics & until the pcb would pass out the back of the old cabinet, removed old zem from metal cabinet & mounted pcb into new endstation. 1.5hrs on site, everything texted up & tested.... however new cabinet did look a bit pissed on the wall when I stood back to admire it.
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    Doesn't matter what you say 1. Faulty bell 2. Cable fault 3. Panel fault 4. Installation fault 5. You need an exorcism
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    Should have signed yourself up as "approved" whilst on the line,
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    bit of advice, don't get funny with those you want free help from but there are bodies that inspect installers I would go down that route first If your going down the diy route give Texecom tech a call they will help you with product choice without using tsi
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    Your website doesn't contain enough rambling bs for my requirements. I'm oot.
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    Its a security system... it sold as conforming to std part of that std requires anti tamper circuits, if your the sort of person that lives alone, has no friends or guests visiting, never has any tradesmen ect in the house then the anti tamper feature on the sensor can easily be removed using a soldering to blob out the the switch on the pcb If you have co. which does not maintain systems & sells the engineering code..... err I think you may be dealing with "S Hit Alarms Ltd;"
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    If your an alarm co. you must be pulling out better controls out than your 9600? If your not check out my ebay a/c....
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    I did read your later post correctly. I was explaining the reasoning behind my initial post. Maybe re-read what I have posted as clearly the point of calculating standby time has gone unnoticed. There is no "spec" for the panel, merely some information copied from an old manual that is irrelevant to the point I was making above. Either way running the second bell as SCB would be the correct choice IMO. You would have to measure the temperature of the cab with it shut to be certain. Can't imagine anything much above 30C even with poor air flow. Probably not. Probably yes. I am You shouldn't be loading it anywhere near maximum rating, as above. I have already said, significant extra current will not be drawn from the bell trig for the extra sounder. Plenty of experience with them, from the jokes above you can see most would have it heading for the skip. Maybe, I wouldn't try. There pretty bombproof from experience. An additional PSU like explained Eh? How does that change the system output current. You can draw approx 1A from the panel, that would be the total of all the powered devices on the system. Anytime tl;dr - I would suggest you stick the bell up in SCB, make sure you connect your tampers between the bells correctly and move on to the next job.
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    Well there are some alarm monkeys who forget to caulk stuff up keep an "eye" out for them
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    enough about yourself....
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    Vajazzle diamante's?
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    Ha, I guess. I'd probably end up going for a Castle Care Tech panel in my home, when I'm older. So, ADE copied from Scantronic? Naughty of them. Do Menvier still make wired panels? That's is a shame, I would insist to have my logo put on a bell box, if I installed. Always good to get some free Advertising in!
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    House bashing is my game Now seriously what are you on? Everyone so sensitive must be a risco thing
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    usually dusting terminal is from a faulty / cheap battery slightly leaking. You will need to clean the terminals up. plus I think its Israeli not italian
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    do you want to run a dedicated area?
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    If that's your trade price your offering public excellent
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    Put four cam's high for overview wide picture and four cameras low for recognition as mentioned , and stick few more up around will look hardcore
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    Honeywell RSS software works with the G2 panels. It can connect via PSTN, IP (if the panel has an IP module fitted) or by a plug in programming lead that connects directly to a header on the G2 PCB. It will be a pain manually collecting the information every few months and the G2 only has a 384 event FIFO. Providing that the triggers are enabled in the panel, an ARC or self monitoring with SIA or Microtech will have set/unset with username. If you can get one to provide a 1 month summary via e-mail for free, then it sounds like the best option.
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    As above, high isn't usually a good thing for recognition; it's often a typical sign of a DIY domestic setup TBH.
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    I think people generally just dont think things through logically. The problem of "people might forget the code" is solved in the simplest way possible with no consideration of the negatives
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    I deal with e-mail mongs on a daily basis,either no etiquette or tech dumb. One engineer has been asked not to reply on his phone/tablet as he struggles with the very same - reply to all.
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    I'm going for a similar set up to yourself.. just wired in a RF portal, want to put a radio device on that as well as have a separate AICO base wired.
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    Obviously an avid reader..
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    brummy is my first language sire
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    Any reason? If it's reliable and flexible enough to use from domestic to 640 zones, it seems an obvious contender.
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    Next to the pile of Security Installer mags and crusty sock?
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    Sounds like a U.S. setup, it may be best to consult someone in your locality with regards to regulations etc, as this is primarily a UK site and we work to different standards and with differing equipment.
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    don't know the bell but does it have a test timer? also have you metered the bell trigger?
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    Nope, no rodents running around
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    By removing them at the panel temporarily this can be virtually eliminated
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    very close, almost ended badly. it happen last april to a member on another forum. https://talk.electricianforum.co.uk/topic/30459-oh-courgette/