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    I'm just a loon with cartoon avatar... If they are tying to bum you thousands for fire alarms & access controls, I'd explore a plan b of a phoenix of the co. to a new legal status & in time new premises goodluck
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    Button broke its probably been passed 1000s of times, try shorting the wires on the button together to see if it chimes.
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    Me too,I changed a thermocouple on my mams old Mexico boiler part readily available from any trade counter no questions
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    "Trade" can dearer, there's a credit a/c's & branch to pay for.....
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    £380.00 is very reasonable, assuming that the installer is decent. Your maintenance contract will not just be about the service visit either, if you have a problem at silly o clock in the morning like you bell ringing and you cant stop it, you would phone your alarm co and someone will be there. It cost me more more than you pay in year per week to provide that service for my customers.
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    If the HDD is definitely ok then it would seem that the power supply is struggling to power both parts. either psu is buggered or is not the correct psu?
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    OP - It sounds very much like your router does not support NAT Loopback. NAT Loopback allows connection to your own external WAN IP address from inside your private network. Check your router documentation to see if there's a setting. Other than that, you will need to switch addresses depending on which network you're on. Take a look at my Honeywell VKP app manual, as it explains this on the second last page. I don't know if Texecom mention this anywhere, but it's a very common issue. https://www.sm-alarms.co.uk/manuals/selfmon_iosvkp_v2.pdf
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    I was hearing voices before I was a mod, however the tablets take the edge of the desire to kill....
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    No reason why it wouldnt. We have never used this kit before so we wanted to set it all up and test it, while we were at it we programmed the system the same as what it was going to be when installed. It saves the engineers getting flustered on site, all they have to do is install the kit and the sw, run a backup and the system will work. The customer can pre issue the fobs safe in the knowledge that they are programmed and tested. Staff will get in all doors tenants only the ones they're allowed to get in. The readers and fobs are secure format so I also wanted to be sure that they were all programmed correctly too. I am fairly happy that the kit is reliable as I have been reliably informed that from trusted sources that it is.
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    What does your lease say? The devil is in the detail
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    You want him to swap a veritas for a accenta???
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    Why would the wires be useless. Imo if you can get a wire there you should. Those will still be there
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    SD1+GJD make me think its a hous & the 1313 + surge purge say either problem site or the last controls went "puff" in a storm?
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    Defaulting it wont clear the data fault
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    Hi, it's an Aritech CD 95 with a solitaire light controller and a SD1+ speech dialer underneath...
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    Nurse come quick he's forgetting stuff again
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    So these have a little screw holding board in I think, you could take pic, remove 12v tape up and in turn each one tape up separately Then take board out only and swap over with other Some might say upgrade the pirs anyway and scrap it ......
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    they've not been made for yrs, new old stock / used stuff appears on ebay
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    I dont know Texecom gear, but yes swapping the sensor with a known one is a good idea
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    I left school early, couldn’t be bothered with it. Didn’t do any exams and came out with no qualifications whatsoever. Did 2 years at a local plastics fabrication company, hated that but was a paying job. Whilst at the plastics company, they had a local company installing an Abacus system, I got talking to the installer called Graham, never forget that.. The following week I went out and purchased a Logic 4 and a few detectors and stuff, I learned everything from there, Started my own business in 1993, 25 years later I’m still here... I love the industry and the job, I don’t think I could do anything else now.
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    What's the resistance with respect to 0v on the zone wire with the zone wire removed from the panel screw terminal? With the zone wire removed from the terminal does it show any voltage (DC or AC) on the wire when measured against 0v? Next step is to swap zones and see if the problem remains or follows the wired devices. If it remains, replace the PCB. If it follows the wiring, then further investigation of the sensors and wiring is required. The Dimension firmware was changed at some point to only log marginal low/high res to the engineer log, so not surprising that these are not being reported to the arc.
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    Days of trade only are disappearing fast PJ and most trade counters will deal with anyone with a fist full of cash.
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    How draughty is the garage? You could go down the wireless route but the only come with passive infra red motion detectors, for hostile areas such as garages I would always advise dual technology which are only available as hard wired. If you are thinking DIY why dont you buy a couple of dual technology detectors and hard wire them into the existing panel yourself? This would be far more reliable than a cheapo diy wireless bit of tat
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    In my opinion Alex due to the age of system ect it is nearly always more cost effective to replace all the bits with the exception of the wiring if that all tests out ok. I myself like the idea of the house and garage under one system, it means more flexibility and you will likely still pay the one maintenance charge per year. best of luck with it.
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    Alex, The Yeti was offering a different angle to your problem. it seems that £150 budget means you will be undertaking this job yourself. It’s just not viable for a Pro company.
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    al-yeti Wireless zones is just what I am now looking at fraggle. Don't you read the other replies? May I suggest that you don't bother to reply further to my enquiry as I find your response is more to be a 'smartie' rather than to be helpful to someone seeking advice from this forum for the first time.
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    does every circuit work... does the system work when the mains power is off, does the bell ring when the panel is completely powered down do you have a 20min cut off timer in the external box or does it ring for 3hrs+ ?
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    You could just install a Risco Wireless system as a stand alone system. Once you've disconnected your old system the wires would be useless.