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    CCTV provides a false sense of security to a lot of people, the market is flooded with rubbish due to this. I wouldn't bother with CCTV from what you have said. If you consider how it would benefit your security and you'll find it probably won't. Are you going to stay up every night and watch the CCTV to react to them jimmying the patio doors? Are you likely to be able to use the CCTV to identify any crims after the event? Probably not. If you buy a professionally fitted alarm system you should expect to pay a one off fee for installation and a maintenance fee yearly. This is the same as your Yale will have only a bit dearer, because it's a more secure system.
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    To be honest its unlikely to be sabotage, Yale uses one way old tech radio and its more likely a taxi or some over form of radio interference. Its all about what type of burglar you are likely to get, and the very fact that you have chosen to diy a Yale alarm tells me that you are unlikely to have high value contents, therefore the type of burglar you would get is likely to be more opportunist than than professional. Any burglar investing in technology to Jam wireless systems are looking for something worth getting caught for.
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    Doesn't surprise me, been there before. You shouldn't be embarrassed it's not your job. Take pride in the fact you'll get to fix a scruffy job.
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    Do we allow the none Cornish to do caps lock?
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    hang on, we all started somewhere, don't pisstake
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    Or to be super helpful... V- = GREEN V+ = RED ST- = YELLOW S- = BLACK TR- = WHITE It appears someone has - possibly, left your original bell in 'TEST' mode it's whole life as well. That would not have been useful...
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    Opinion? Surely tests are definitive? In an industry of self certification do we think the manufacturer specs are best to compare the loudness? AG6 110dB@1m Ody Single Piezo 109dB@1m CQR Multibox 115dB@1m Deltabell 104dB@1m These are likely to be peak values and consider the tone, frequency and mounting surface will make a difference to overall volume. Whatever flashing, glowing and noisy piece of plastic you put on the front of your building, it's likely to do it's job if wired correctly.
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    Nah , best ones leave it to user reset all the way
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    I would say it's programmed for the incorrect wiring type myself. Are the sensors working have you blown a fuse, etc
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    just after you start installing properly
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    When you going to put Tsi on a real server?
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    old pic, Pete hasn't had that much hair since 1998
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    pic of where it should be fitted....
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    Or worse still...
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    If @ me it was a joke relating to my secondary employment, I agree it should be reported, but if the service team felt that was OK, that attitude must have been instilled somewhere, so it wouldn't surprise me if the co's attitude is 'well it works don't it?'.
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    I hear that Secureitall may have vacancies
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    If cctv isnt done right its a waste of money. If your not using decent stuff in the right places i wouldnt bother tbh
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    Potentially if you have CCTV, someone will break in and steal the DVR, they then get to take away the DVR with all their own burglary on it along with anything else up for grabs
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    Not bad for a diyer though lol, most Yale alarm i see , sit around with a fault or they never get it work let alone on the app,
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    My advice would be not to rush into getting CCTV the same as you rushed into getting a (terrible quality) alarm. Yale are regarded as 'tat' by professional installers, and the likelyhood is as much that the 'jamming' (this can be caused by any emission at the same frequency as the alarm uses, and the alarm obviously has no idea if it is intentional or accidental) was a nearby heating controller, spurious emission, or even one of it's own devices. It's likely you may never know the actual cause. In 'real life' burglars don't bother with electronic countermeasures (even Hatton Garden appears to be a 'good old fashioned blag') they just smash their way in and get what they want. The fact you have a shiny Yale lid (although they are, IMHO, and most others, terrible) is half the battle in persuading them to try the next house along, although some less addled thugs may see Yale and think 'probably doesn't work, probably isn't set' as compared to a clean, branded lid that looks as if it's been properly installed and looked after. All CCTV will do is confirm that the door swinging open and no TV you see with your own eyes, isn't just a bad dream, along with some pictures of men in trakky bottoms with ski masks on who left 6 hours previously. And cheap / crap / rush installed CCTV will just confirm the above in appalling resolution (or not at all if it's night!).
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    Agreed, but that magic word: If... This applies to many a trade, but essentially I'd those that carry out, arrange or condone that sort of crap work are hardly likely to be so bothered about the industry they spend their time trawling t'internet on nerd forums*
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    Think the op might be looking for a new job soon,you don't air dirty laundry in public
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    Accenta ABI supported EOL, there's also the iD Accenta that catches a few people out, as it seems...
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    Peter I haven't knocked approved companies. I have merely stated that the work was carried out by a approved company. Which is a fact. Regardless of what you say about one side to the story i know factually that the cable was run In a few months ago and that was the finished article. No return visit planned. The customer was told that there was no other route which isn't the case. There are not lots of problems within the company like you assume just the odd few which I'm sure every company experiences. I'm not biased. If I would come on and report poor workmanship from another company then I do not feel my company should be exempt.
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    Looks like quick solution get a camera up
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    No certainly not, it makes my eyes go funny.
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    I'd guess a certian "beast of burden" has moved back to London they use a very small bell label? I guess there not very proud of the job...
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    The intruder/CCTV installers obviously didn't take heed of the warning sign
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    Is the sounder on with more than one screw or fixed with cable clips if so its a proper job or maybe no more nails and the local cable rules state staple guns and washing lines are also up to the standard of an approved installer
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    Are both intruder & cctv done by the same mongs ?
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    I was hoping he could fix it for me.
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    I guess it goes out of date like any other fruity drink. Find anything else decent in the bins at Nisa?
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    I am sure thats what I said? No need to apologise, I occasionally get things wrong too, us oldies have to stick together
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    Come on Grandad, that's what the quote button's for! (joke)
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    Yes, we installed three receivers and a transmitter a couple of months ago, and Eaton gave our engineer support on them too
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    back on topic i want a hidden one fitted, what are my options?
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    This looks like the stuff Peter James imports/supports, he'll be along shortly...
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    Not that I know but guessing System - engineer Tamper - engineer PA - manager Line Fail - user / manager / engineer on some Fault - depends on fault AC Fail - user Not that a house basher is affected much by it either