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    This Verisure? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5602381/Relatives-floral-tributes-burglar-killed-pensioner.html
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    I would use a 12volt relay
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    It's youth slang for sorry I must have been wrong old chap, please accept my apologies and I'll take myself outside and give myself a jolly good thrashing.
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    as you cant spell either Pete, you giving up or just after the blue badge?
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    Bulletproof. Put a new battery in and will run for a good few years
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    Ah, you're a door knocking, biddy scaring canvasser? Which ones you BG? Close enough?
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    Hi you will understand it costs a fair amount of money to run a forum like this, servers domain fees etc. As with all forums the owners have sponsor that pay for advertising, if we allowed free advertising then we would lose our sponsors and we would not be able to afford to run this forum. If you wish to advertise that's fine just put in an application and we will tell you how much. If you just wish to participate then that is free
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    Also try switching the extender switch to data and diss the yellow blue,while I've Seen those extenders I've never come across one used for Alarm signalling so not sure if it would hold a line fail off
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    Have you tried it with the extender unplugged,another thing the yellow blue is the virgin line and not a bt line?
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    if you use home3 / home4 numbers iirc these will dial a phone there are 4 different tones depending on the alarm event
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    It will dial any number but will fault when it doesn't get the kiss off.
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    I'm fairly sure a 16+ can dial directly a mobile etc. It's been a few years since I've worked on a 16+ though. I'll check a manual when i get to a pc
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    Your only other option was to programme the telephone number/s you want it to dial into the receiver tele number and put any 4 digit account number in other than 0000 and when the alarm activates it'll call the numbers 8 times and just beep at you. But best invest in a speach dialler that way you can acknowledge any activation message
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    As above you said you entered the phone number, that com device is not a dialler like a speech dialler so won't do what you want it to do You will need to buy a stand alone dialler to connect to a trigger
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    if you have programmed the digi side it won't work direct to a phone
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    If the phone line wasn't connected before you started it may be that the system has been hit by lightning so disconnected, you can check this by doing a continuety test with a multi meter check between phone line b terminal and earth (it may be a teminal and earth) if you get a reading of about 10 ohms or less the pcb is damaged
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    Hi everyone. Bit about me 37yrs old, started with Chubb fire and security at 16yrs old, worked there as an apprentice until 2001 and on to installation engineer within same depertment, 2007 started as a sub contractor mainly for Chubb then started as a the Chubb resident engineer (based at site) with their systems side on one of our nuclear power stations. 4yrs ago left the industry and started with EDF on the same power station, in a bit of a career change. Thanks.
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    Blonde, Brown or Black... What colour is her guide dog ?
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    I hear Aldi are hiring.

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