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    Your controls are a bag of shit which don't meet any std, blunt but true...
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    Hikvision are manufacturing in the 3rd world I've been to Rotherham & seen the factory
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    He looks much younger on his his avatar...
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    Gus, although the Lightsys probably wouldn't be top of my choices neither would the Texecom to be fair. The companies you have invited to quote are obviously comfortable with the product they have specified, you need to be comfortable with the installer. Many here will have their own opinions with regards the two different systems, fact is both are big brands in this industry and some installers get on better with one brand over another. When I was an engineer I quite liked the Abacus panel and the Castle 2000 series, I hated Menvier panels, and Scantronic 9500 all manufacturers have their own ideas on programming and protocols, and it is entirely down to what you're used to programming as an engineer. All of those panels were very popular at the time. I really like the Lightsys app it is one of the best apps Ive seen, never seen the Texe app so cannot give a comparison. Choose the better installer would be my advice, they are the ones that will look after you if they made the wrong panel choice.
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    You shouldn't be looking at the equipment you should be looking at the company and the specification of each job. Each company should be trained on there preferred kit and most kit does a similar job when it comes to the basics. Choose the company you feel most comfortable with not necessarily the cheapest.
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    They all look neat with the lid on...
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    A screwdriver monkey that likes the sunbed
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    Jk Do you fully accept liability for what you have done, or did you assume you have no liability cos you did your customer a favour. Id agree that members (including myself) can say things some don't like to hear. When you have an insurance company (not your client) sueing you for poor advice and or professional incompetence you might rethink. But your happy with some of the comments made, unhappy with most it would appear. But it is those ones that will in hindsight be remembered. just to be clear your clients insurance co will want to blame you for 'failure to perform', it wont be your client
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    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_yorkshire/7687600.stm This is clearly made up. It's obvious this is a removed speed reduction chicane, and the contractors didn't want to do anything other than paint over the existing lines rather than risk not getting paid. It's a bit like when the gas workers dig up a street with yellow lines so faded you didn't know there even were any but paint shiny new ones over the 12" they dug up.
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    soon you will be filling it, non working
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    Is your brother still playing for Fulchester Utd ?
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    Thanks I got it sorted... Went through the manual, and found this option was turned on: 021 Eight system options 01 ON - Access code entry blocked during entry delay Turned it off and it's working fine now
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    I know what your saying pete but is still maintain perimeter protection is better.
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    I forgot they tried to be clever and called them tri techs they are the ones, follow the instructions they will be absolutely fine. I had a big dog jumping around on a bed to get snacks I had thrown on there. They are the best pet tolerant detector available They are fine so long as you install them correctly, the animal must not be able to get within six foot of the detector, dont point them at stairs, I have hundred of them out there with no problems at all
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    I've got a better idea, why don't you stick it up YOUR arse?
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    You have a waste carrying license?
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    I'd guess aesthetics, smooth lines on the bottom of the PIR. In reality some numpty engineer turns up and puts screwdriver rash all over it.
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    No there is no lid fixing screw ! There is a special tool to release cover ifs against celing, like one in pic ....
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    im still sticking with electronics line micro X (maybe early version)
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    Someone sent me the link I dont read newspapers I like Sky News, BBC News, Euro News, and NHK Oh and Radio 4 of course
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    Kayleigh is it too late to say I'm sorry?
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    You can find all sorts of stuff that works perfect world, but when its actually needed who knows? you can find info like that here a lot of it doesnt
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    46 or 280 endstation is about the same as his current controls & keypad £60ish premium to do is the easy way...
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    All along the watchtower..
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    there's less information on the link... If TSI gets a link to Diy Not, why no TSI link on Diy Not ?
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    Correct theyre missing punctuation correct you're miss typed. Dont worry Steve none of my quotes go out like that, which was my point
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    quite a common mistake.... welcome on board
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    Either way cost of any unviersal device and the hassle to go with it , you should have upgraded the panel
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    Well, I go out with my friends, don't worry... I'm not THAT sad I tried all of that, but it didn't really work. Do you have any idea where I could get a Eurobell module? That is my next hope
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    It's not a live bell in 99% of those systems, there will be an internal sounder that will require silencing. The Accord you have is a perfectly capable system and I'd keep that, any decent company can default and reprogram for you and add a external siren.
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    I couldn't recommend any panel that only has a single tamper loop and/or no EOL if I'm honest, and it doesn't natively support LCD keypads either.
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    Just buy a Pyronix Euro Mini Prox as this will do everything you need at a good price.
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    Firemonk you need to stick to fire
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    Ive heard if you leave it in the freezer over night it factory defaults
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    is that a csl handle shift unit?
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    TBF that looks like regular social housing plastering.
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    Soz, was meaning DIY brands, Response is still out there but thats few and far between.
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    But its cheap and screwfix etc sells them so they must be good right?
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    That's the thing here, its not real world, we all earn 100k, drive Bentleys and only work for 500 quid a day
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    their very, very stable to the point you hope the intruder has an accomplice....
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    You should get a good pro in particularly if a component was smoking. This isn't diy equipment it's pro equipment blindly messing around without knowing how to do proper electrical testing theres an outside chance you could burn your house down. Also choose your pro carefully, i worked aside so called "engineers" at a big national who, despite working in the industry for a decade did not know how to operate a multimeter correctly or understand volt drop. This was brought to the attention of managment who shrugged their shoulders and said its hard to get good guys, when we get our nsi audit we'll send the auditor out with you or the other guy at our branch who does their job properly. Ask them what tests they propose to do, telling them that one of the detectors was wet and smoking. They should at a minimum replace the water damaged sensors, disconnect and test all the wiring feeding those devices as it might have melted, check all the fuse values, check all the voltages and currents drawn from the panel and the charging circuit.
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    Being a simple alarm monkey, there's a no. of different BT hub's I had recent one where it took 2hrs off f#cking around as the menu's where despite have the port forward set up I needed to redo the setting a 2nd time hidden deep in advanced menu, I hate them almost as thompson / techincolour routers
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    oh yes agreed car manufacturers always get it right
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    All of our bells are A360's up to '99-2000 ish then all odyseys....................apart from the old tombstones in leeds hence our rounded A...... Agreed that the only time I would ever leaflet drop would be near a new install...........