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  2. Texecom Connect app

    What was the image command please? Thanks!
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  4. @guywalters How many of us really never say anything that we wouldn't want read out in court?

  5. Gardtec 800 series help?

    I gonna charge you!
  6. Gardtec 800 series help?

    If you pressed no when in changing code the code would have defaulted. Try the default code which could be 1234 or 5678 or 7890 (check the user manual). If this does not work your installer will be able to default the code for you but they will most likely charge you
  7. Hi if any one could help me with this one i would like to know how In the setting to setup to allow rsd to remote connect into the system where to I need to go to do this thanks
  8. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Cleared that up nicely
  9. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Yes, the Dimension replaced the G3-X when the G3-X was discontinued Sept 2008. Physically, just extra trigger outputs and a bigger flash chip to hold the Dimension firmware going forward. The Dimension firmware was updated to enable RF portal connection with panel based RF configuration (unlike the old RF RIO), but adding this option lowers the installation grading to 2. The Dimension, along with Flex panels also support the touch screen Touchcenter keypads now available in a better flush-mount housing (TouchCenter+ version). The Dimension and Flex panels also integrate access control. The Dimension range is available in 48, 96, 264, 520 zones and the old G3 was 48,144,520 zones. There are a few other small differences. One key thing to note with Honeywell is that the EOL products are unlikely to receive any firmware updates/fixes.
  10. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Ok that’s a great help mate. So basically G3 was replaced with Dimension? May differences between the two?
  11. Gardtec 800 series help?

    Code has been changed unknowingly, once you press NO, you’re in the edit option. Whatever final sequence of numbers you pressed is now the code for it.
  12. Gardtec 800 series help?

    I don't know the panel well but I would agree that you should only be able to change a master code and not delete it. I can only suggest the code has been changed or defaulted by accident while you where in the menu. Maybe while you where escaping the menus? Incorrect code entry will create a tamper event if you keep trying. If you don't know the code the only suggestion is to get your company out to reprogram it for you.
  13. Hello all. Really hoping I can have some brief help with this. Got a services gardtec 800 series. Recently fully serviced and all ok. Went to change our user code. Went in to menu selected prog user codes... selected user 1 it then asked some kind of question like: Is this an ACE user? My memory is a little hazy here but I'm pretty sure I backed out of the menus.. I definitely did nt change code. Now system says unset but my code does not work. Keypad beeps but no longer recognises code. Rang company and they said impossible... I couldn't delete code only change it... which I didn't.. Any ideas what to do/check? Don't rwally want to keep messing in case of anti tamper! Thanks Luke
  14. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Many installers will swap the board only, leaving the original PSU and case, as it's too much hassle changing the chassis. I suppose if you're lucky they will have changed the lid over to the new one, but selling what looks like a new dimension on eBay fetches more than an old g3 . Firmware version is guaranteed to give the correct type.
  15. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Thanks GalaxyGuy. I usually tell the difference between the label on the panel lid, 3 series will have 3-xxx on the lid and dimension usually has 'galaxy 48', 'galaxy 96' on it etc etc
  16. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    I used to think the easiest way to determine the Dimension was by the vertical trigger header, but some of the later G3 were built with this PCB just to confuse things. It's best to identify by firmware version Dimension: V6.XX or V7.XX G3: V5.XX
  17. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    I always get confused which is G3 and which is Dimension. How can you tell?
  18. @fmbase FM Mobile to kill the cravings

  19. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Yes, only Dimension, Flex and G2 panels have the newer interface. The 3-X panels use the same galaxy gold program as the old classic panels. The dimension is different hardware with a bigger flash chip, so there's no upgrade path for the old hardware other than switching the PCB out.
  20. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Yes, but isn't as nice!
  21. Wickes/Rascal 29 alarm

    Until it happens again , oddly I went to a 9651 today that wiped it's nvm They happy to upgrade....
  22. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    Galaxy gold starts doesn't it?
  23. Wickes/Rascal 29 alarm

    Its possible that Wicks had their own set up, do you have the original engineers manual or have you downloaded a rascal manual? We dont install the stuff that is easily available for DIY, but many here use Texecom panels. I would think that you could still set it up as 4737 so would not need to fit end of line resistors, programming is fairly basic
  24. Galaxy 3-144 and RSS!

    About to takeover a site with a 3-144. Just been into RSS to start setting up the account and can't seem to find a option for 3-144. Never noticed this before! Would a GD264 panel type work? Remember coming across similar before and selecting another panel type was the only work around.
  25. Wickes/Rascal 29 alarm

    Could there be a different engineer code, should be 7890 but this not working? The factory reset for the user code should have gone to 1234 but mine reset to 0000 can't understand why so wondered if engineer code different too. All other functions like bell test and changing of user code working fine. Alarm seems as tho all the circuits are behaving like panic attack circuit, ie active all time. I've put tape over the pir's and bypassed the magnet on the door for now so at least bell box is lit and looks like alarm is working. What would be the best panel to replace this one with minimum alterations to wiring etc. Thanks for the advice so far.
  26. @spattzzz https://t.co/mpXGi6yHLF

  27. We had a very good conference in Atyrau Kazakhstan at Kazneftegazservice, hearing about all the ambitious plans for… https://t.co/d8SJMikCUF

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