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  2. Klaxon Master Blaster

    What you mean handle current ? On the texes don't they have something that can switch a relay as standard ?
  3. Are you still using that cat5 type cable? Reading the other thread , I assume no issue of software versions? Oddly enough I have a job to goto where someone has trouble adding on a rio, all new apparently but they say the panel won't add the Rio in the first place I just wonder did you add and remove the Rio and it's an old message ,aybe do a 17 restart and might clear it Dudes what can be measured on the data line and can it be scoped to look for anything , just a thought
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  5. Alarm upgrade

    Sorry I haven't been getting notifications so I'll answer each point; Sixwheeledbeast: No, it can't be. Maybe I've not been clear there are 4 PIRs and one door sensor. Each one has a 6 core going into it, they are not daisy chained. Into the control box is a 6 core from the bell box. And a second 6 core which brings in the 'switch' signal from each sensor on a single core, however I can only assume the other side of the switch is tied to ground or 12v in a mythical junction box who's location eludes me! JMS: yes they must be jointed together but I have no idea where the junction is. I will have to double check the model number. I did try a search for a manual but couldn't find one, it's a generic wickes P.O.S SJS it isn't a hash job, fitted as intended. See circuit board in first post. Panel was never moved my mum had the alarm fitted when there wasn't one before. So it is first installation.
  6. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Cheer mate. I'll try that tonight when I get back.
  7. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Not sure if that's true about the firmware version, but would need to load old firmware to validate. Its normally the module firmware version that's the issue and not the panel. Honeywell's support is basically a database these days! Try the SelfMon.co.uk and virtualkeypad app. They're likely to work and if they don't, I'll be able to tell you exactly what's going wrong as I wrote all the underlying code.
  8. RIO NOT communicating "missing rio0103"

    as above you shouldn't have a resistor in the panel and imho not needed unless long runs on a busy line. id take the rio and connect local to the panel. If it stays off line its goosed
  9. @al-yeti I think the physical link and resistance is okay I measured the values of voltage and the resistance using the AVOmeter and it is good and for the flash timing I agree with you. @Galaxy Guy Yes bro I checked this menu wiring and voltage is okay but the comm's is 0% @Nova-security you mean jumpers LK1, or LK3 right?
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  11. Klaxon Master Blaster

    Ah, you can't beat one of those good old fashioned tube valve interfaces... That's unfortunate, have you tried to contact another engineer? It's not quite as simple as sticking wires in terminals... Lets start with the fact a PE12 and PE24 are two different panels so wire program differently, also we don't know what model Klaxon you have there are different types. Then even with the correct kit you will need to go into the engineers menu which any reputable installer will have his own code so you wouldn't be able to access. Follow this with locating an output that can handle the current from the blaster, would have to check spec sheets for panel and blaster. When in engineering menu you would need to set an output (all should sink negative on the small Texe panels) to follow the bell with a reduced trigger time so not annoy the neighbours or burn the blaster out.
  12. Klaxon Master Blaster

    I've got it connected to the 240, and on the master blaster side black to negative and red to positive. there is a wire already connected to the "bell" terminal and didn't was to over load it. plus why would someone say it needs to be connected to the digi outputs?
  13. Klaxon Master Blaster

    Give it 240 and wire the relay to the bell output. Or Give Texecom a call Both products are under Texecom now
  14. Klaxon Master Blaster

    Thank you for your reply. I don't follow the attached pic, not sure we're on about the same thing!?
  15. Klaxon Master Blaster

    Long shot because I was let down by the person who installed the alarm, and guess I don't feel lucky that I'll get it sorted online fingers crossed though
  16. Klaxon Master Blaster

    Been done before, though tricky. Below is a simplified version of the more popular interface sold by Bentley, suitable for home production;
  17. Klaxon Master Blaster

    Why would you think its a long shot? I suspect that most on here would know how to do it
  18. Hi, I know it's a long shot and a bit vague, but does anyone know how to wire in a klaxon master blaster to a texecom premier elite 12/24? the main part that i'm struggling with is which terminals to connect the wires to the panel, and how to program it to work. Someone said that I need to wire the positive into one of the digi outs!? Thank you in advance for your help
  19. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Sorted fellas. It was only after the 5th phone call with honeywell ingot to bottom of it. I'd asked time and time again is the version on my panel ok to do what I want. They said it was. Turns out version 6.8 isn't gonna work. Need v6:94 to do it. Thanks any way for help
  20. RIO NOT communicating "missing rio0103"

    two 680 resistors ? panel does not need one unless you have removed the onboard jumper
  21. As above. Also check diagnostics menu 61 and ensure comm's remain at 100%. If wiring and voltage is okay, then replace the RIO.
  22. #growInLdn #mayoroflondon https://t.co/zzwE0Sgiqp

  23. Honeywell Le Sucre

    Contacts need redesigning lol , but then again they still haven't found a buyer so who knows
  24. Do you know physical which one , test the cables from the panel to the Rio , then Rio to Rio , resistance and power checks would good Also look at the flash rate on the Rio one will show that it's communicating , Honeywell's idea of it timing on a chart is stupid so you will have to figure that one Galaxy expert will be here soon hopefully
  25. Dears, I have galaxy dimension panel which is connected to 2 Rio in daisy chain as following: A to A B to B 12 v to 12 v 0v to 0v And there are 2 Eol 680 ohm on panel side and on the last Rio between A and B but there is an error appear on the panel that is the rio is missed , so how can I troubleshoot this issue? Regards,
  26. Honeywell Le Sucre

    I thought so to, just want a confirmation ive extra wireless stock and want to try out the le secure without having to buy a complete kits
  27. Honeywell Le Sucre

    I thought that was the whole point of the system eg not having to redesign all the existing Gal wireless devices again?
  28. Honeywell Le Sucre

    James.wilson just a quick question, does any device whicc works with galaxy g2 wireless, work with Le Secure?
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