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  1. Yesterday
  2. texecom wireless sab issue

    How are you testing it?
  3. Hi everyone

    I love those, with the little bits of nuts and nougat all covered in a solid chocolate.
  4. texecom wireless sab issue

    Learned the w/less sab on a texecom 64w kit, wait until all data is collected and all showing ok but no response when the bell test is activated. Tried deleted and relearning, same result. Any ideas?
  5. RT @LDLC: #EcranDuCMdeLDLC

  6. @coldclimate I'm totally making donner kebab. Omg.

  7. Last week
  8. @glynhudson Parc Menai?

  9. Hi everyone

    Not too sure if we will find out as he has only ever logged in for that one post!
  10. RT @AGT79: Know a Star Wars fan? I'm giving this print to a follower at 11pm To enter; - RT - Follow me Nice one

  11. Hi everyone

    Welcome dave, Hows the Blue triangle treating you?
  12. Please take 5 minutes to complete the BRE National Security Survey 2017. The survey will be open for responses until 31st October 2017. We will start to share the results at our event 'Planning Today for a Secure Tomorrow' on 2nd November 2017. You can find out more about the event at: Thank you for your time BRE
  13. @W_H_I_R_L_Y Blimey

  14. Hello

    Had someone call me last week for 'your door entry is alarming, even though we've reset in net2', after a quick fire alarm fault check, it's not us after all...
  15. I mean if you stick your true RMS fluke into the socket you'll read about 240v.
  16. Hello

    Lol forgot about that classic ,.good reminder
  17. RT @PendletonNW: Can you believe this took place - it's like watching something from You've Been Framed....lol https://t.co/nxLJs0Rpi0

  18. Hello

    hi silly question do you have a standalone battery powered smoke detector you would be amazed how many times we have all been on a callout only to find its the smoke alarm battery going flat
  19. What you think is mostly measured? don't understand this stuff man
  20. The UK is officially 230VAC like the rest of the EU, but this is a nominal figure, which allows an upper tolerence limit within which 240V (which is what you'll mostly measure 'in real life') is quite acceptable.
  21. Hello

    No small "c" on the rhs of lcd guys...
  22. Why not? Think about it the relay if always on will still have contacts that are open , which would close when the alarm is open
  23. @al-yeti : Thank You for your answer. I did not know that. I'm learning things as I go along and thus has never had to use a relay before. @James Wilson : I think most 12V sensors have a rated operating voltage of 9-15v .. some even 6-15v ... I'm guessing that 12v is just a common label. Just like 220v is actually 240v and UK 240v is actually 250v or is it 280.. But I'm not from the UK nor an electrician so I may be wrong. I expect the alarm system has a step-upper build-in, in order for it to be able to provide 9v while running on a 5v standard samsung usb adapter. The system I have is called "GSM/IP Alarm System" - its a square white box with touch keys - it supports WIFI/GPRS/GSM, Has 39 zones and 4 hardwired zones. I've gone for wired glass break and reed sensors and a couple of wireless door sensors that'll probably get replaced by more wired reed sensors. I'm unsure weather I'm allowed to post a link for my DIY system - It's a Shenzhen generic sold under different labels I think. If the N.C. connection in mention is for controlling a relay then would it not be possible to connect the following things? Here is a little mashup that I'm hoping a bright mind can tell me how to connect properly.
  24. Hello

    I'm not sure, not at home right now but will post a reply shortly, cheers...
  25. Hello

    does a small "c" show in the bottom rh line of the lcd ?
  26. Hello

    I've tried to fault find as best i could, run through diagnostics menu to check batteries and signal strength as it's a wireless system and all seems good, however i will have to consult the manual a bit more. Unfortunately i have this beep every minute and it's driving me mad. I don't know if i should power down the system, remove all batteries.
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