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  2. I've installed a Galaxy Flex20 (in my home) with Ethernet module both are setup and working ok as an alarm. I've configured an AUX receiver to Ethernet, I'm not using ARC becuase from what I understand the panel needs a restart if it faults, but the AUX receiver can recover from the fault without a restart. Now I'm trying to develop a TCP-IP ARC receiver for the SIA protocol. I've got simple server running and can read the 1st message ("D#1000�", 1000 is the account number) but I can't ACK the data so the next message isn't received. I've used a number of resources open source projects to help me learn the messaging protocol but can't find and info in ACK'ing the messages. Subcommittee/DC-09 Preparing for ANSI Public Review.pdf Old draft, limited usefulness and very difficult to understand, wouldn't be a standards document if it was. - Large C++ project with limited support for flex v3, I've not tried building. The code is difficult for me to follow becuase I'm not a c++ programmer. This was the most interesting and usefulness so far, its also publishes to mqtt, which is where I want to get to. Even though it has an SIA message parser it doesn't seam to be compatible with my Flex 20 v3 format what ever level/version that is? I just found this project whilst writing this post to i'm going to try this now, looks like is has a similar ack response as the others "\x06\x0D\x0A" <ACK><CR><LF>? Where I'm trying to get to is in IOT of sensors that I can monitor them remotely. I will probably open source the bridge from SIA to some queuing protocol and write some closed apps (ios and Android) and server (probably NodeJS) to send and receive push notifications. @GalaxyGuy I've read a number of your messages and replies on this forum and others, it all been very useful but I've struggled to piece it all together. Maybe you can help?
  3. Thanks have done that but bell sounder doesn't work on test from panel but works if you short link in bell sounder, any ideas ?
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  5. Or to be super helpful... V- = GREEN V+ = RED ST- = YELLOW S- = BLACK TR- = WHITE It appears someone has - possibly, left your original bell in 'TEST' mode it's whole life as well. That would not have been useful...
  6. V- holdoff V+ holdoff St- stb S- bell Tr rtn
  7. Hi I'm trying to replace my Reason8 bell box with a Honeywell AG6 external sounder, the symbols on the wiring diagram don't match up with the actual sounder, I've attached a photo of the original wiring & one of the new sounder, any help would be much appreciated
  8. Yes defo a galaxy reader
  9. Yesterday
  10. yes, i got it the wrong way around
  11. Our train just announced: "[BING BONG] [prolonged electronic hiss], I repeat, [more electronic hiss]"

  12. id agree max, but wasn't the max4 grey and the 3 black?
  13. looks very much like a worn out galaxy max3 reader
  14. Well I have no idea then, I have never had any issues from following the manual for the first few and must have done 50 odd now. Yes there's lots of menus to go through as options are all over the place, they have been added to the existing menu structure which is why it makes more sense to regular Texecom installers The information does change depending on what ancillary kit you fit, if you always fit the same kit it would be sensible to have a profile to dump on the panel. I don't see any reason why you can't use Wintex. The manual advises to use the keypad, possibly to avoid any misconfiguration? Possibly. I think they hope both will clear up post V4
  15. Opinion? Surely tests are definitive? In an industry of self certification do we think the manufacturer specs are best to compare the loudness? AG6 110dB@1m Ody Single Piezo 109dB@1m CQR Multibox 115dB@1m Deltabell 104dB@1m These are likely to be peak values and consider the tone, frequency and mounting surface will make a difference to overall volume. Whatever flashing, glowing and noisy piece of plastic you put on the front of your building, it's likely to do it's job if wired correctly.
  16. They will be different for different Grades if EN
  17. Last week
  18. Mask fault is fixed though yeah?
  19. as above proper gals have all options
  20. Galaxy G3 can have individual reset levels for different faults
  21. Anyone else without a guess? "Fault - depends on fault" - How can you set different reset levels on different faults on a Galaxy for instance? "Line Fail - user / manager / engineer on some" - Why some, what differs?
  22. Nothing to do with encryption and i can't remember what it is now, but its a real shame that the majority of the info you have to put in never changes and could be pre programmed into the panel and you can't use wintex to do it, whats the point of panel programming software if there are aspects of it that can't be used with certain bit of ancillary kit. Texecom must be loosing sales to manufacturers products like HKC whose products just work effortlessly, also sort out your tech support 1/2 an hour on hold is unacceptable.
  23. One of our previous engineers worked at SPE before the bankers bought them out and told me nightmare stories about the installs they had and the way they treat engineers and I had had enough of the driving and 5:30 am starts. Shame really as H&S had 4 reasonably big jobs with great customers which i will miss.
  24. Nah , best ones leave it to user reset all the way
  25. #Manchester #football clubs donate £1m to attack victims

  26. The best house bashers leave the eng code as 7890, I mean who wants calls from customers at 2am???!
  27. RT @sunstonesystems: IDIS case study: IDIS and Sunstone Systems get top marks for HD surveillance at England’s oldest school…

  28. Not that I know but guessing System - engineer Tamper - engineer PA - manager Line Fail - user / manager / engineer on some Fault - depends on fault AC Fail - user Not that a house basher is affected much by it either
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