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  2. Pyronix UR2-WE

    Has anyone used one of these? Looks like quite a good product but haven't used one yet. Any opinions? Grant
  3. Last week
  4. #AvaniChaturvedi First #Indian #woman to fly #army #fighterJet https://t.co/wxIVCQezpX

  5. 16ch Qvis Quattro V2 restarting

    What app on mobiles does the qvis range use and how stable I'd the app to the DVRs
  6. Best Open Source DVR software

    unless your DVR is a rebranded version of something mainstream your probably stuck with what you've got
  7. Best Open Source DVR software

    QFA most only work with the sw they come with
  8. Best Open Source DVR software

    The one that comes with the machine?
  9. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    So must be good earner on this job ?
  10. Best Open Source DVR software

    Hi, Sorry should of said for windows pc Stuart
  11. Best Open Source DVR software

    viewing software? the only dvr system i know of is zoneminder
  12. Hi, I was just wondering what you guys think is the best free dvr viewing software out there ? thanks Stuart
  13. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    working or not its still toot
  14. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    Hi sussed it,when i first took the lid off the machine the yellow wires came out of the molex connector on the pcb, so i replaced with another one, what i didn't notice is that the manufacturers have not used the standard configuration on the plug, so when plugging any drive in it was a dead short on the board, anyway all kicks up perfectly now and not so toot and skip worthy now, after all I have shoved 20 volts up its **** and all is still ok......... Stuart
  15. Dahua Newbie

    Did you sort this would like to know as have same problem, old post i know but worth a try.
  16. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    External drive psu was only to prove what your saying lol It's still skip fodder
  17. We are currently looking for an engineer with skills in access control and CCTV installation and maintenance, to work in Central London on a full time basis. Van and phone provided. Salary negotiable. Please get in touch if you are interested or know of anyone that might be. Thank you.
  18. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    Hi Mr Happy, What 8 channel audio/video DVR would you recommend Thanks Stuart
  19. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    I googled "CNM Primus", looks proper toot.... just buy a new branded machine If money is tight try the old HDD in new machine,
  20. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    Hi, Just tried ramping dc voltage up to 19v still no joy, the case fan seemed to go a lot faster though so if it is connected directly to the input after the on switch then this would suggest that a 12 volt dc fan should be supplied with 12 volts dc and not nineteen, I can't trace the tracks on the pcb as it is multi layered.......... Thanks Stuart
  21. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    Hi guys, Yes tried 3 hard drives Yeti, I have several hdd power adapters but switching the drive on and the box on seperately sounds like disaster left with a customer, System Q, excellent find, my search brought this up but I saw that it was currently unavailable and I was looking for cnm's details so I could ring them, but I reckon it could be a 19v AC adapter as all the conversion components are on the pcb,,,,,,,I will let you know Thanks Stuart
  22. @danbarker We'd have just freed up our brightest and our best to spend more time figuring out how to make people click on more links...

  23. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    From a quick google search I found this; https://www.amazon.co.uk/SECURE-CHANNEL-RECORDER-STORAGE-VIEWING/dp/B00HHBLJ64 Buried in the spec it says: - Power Source DC 19V/3A Power Consumption 60W So if it looks like that one perhaps it needs a19V psu not 12V which may be the problem. If you have a variable bench one you could try that and slowly bring the voltage up, even a 13.8V one (lead acid charger) may boot it up for testing. Paul.
  24. That's great, thanks for clarifying how the tamper works!
  25. @ComtrolUK Thank you @ComtrolUK

  26. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    Or buy one of those cheap adaptors eBay , power up the HDD independentlythen it will prove your theory , whatever the theory is lol Should work if its the HDD dropping it through internal pay Either way isn't this skip fodder?
  27. CNM Primus 8 ch Power Fault

    You try another HDD?
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