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  2. yes I don't know the level of cover etc and taking the op on face value a quid would be to expensive. Assuming your supplier does what they should for digi monitoring its fine.
  3. Id go as far to say cheap
  4. I think 16 quid is fair for monitoring and maintenance. But I feel you have an issue and that should be resolved on their part not urs.
  5. Between £80 to £250 depending on what you want done , so i would think about any extras you want out on the system while your at it
  6. A single gang back box v's an alarm enclosure for reflex I'd say not as loud.
  7. Bonjour bienvenue, l'amiral nelson dort dans mon jardin
  8. Ok fair enough. I'll phone around tomorrow. For £16 per month maintenance was included. It's unfortunate I had so many issues with the previous company but it's minor, these things happen
  9. Yes, but it should take no more than 1-2 hours, and require no parts. It's obviously a one-time charge. I don't really know your panel that well - it's possible they won't have to reprogram at all, and can just reset the engineer codes to gain access to the menus and turn off the communicator. But to be fair you are still looking at a minimum charge, so won't make much difference to the cost. It's not 'their' data they will be putting in, just setting up the system, again as if it were only just taken out the box. The alarm will either refuse to set and/or make a tone / chirp / chime every now and then to alert you to a cut phone line. I wouldn't do it, if you can get someone in within the week then I would just live with an extra week or two's phone bill. I don't do 'digi' (telephone line) monitoring, but would suggest quite cheap though depends on what other 'services' you do or don't get for that fee.
  10. So in short I need to get a new company out to remove all the old data and replace with their own data.. even if I stay unmonitored? Any ideas how much this could cost? what if I cut the wire going from the alarm panel to the phoneline? Would alarm still active if an intruder entered the house? Previously I was paying £16 per month, is that the going rate? Thanks again
  11. Yep you will likely need someone out to do that. You can remove the line from the system but it may throw line fault errors. Just because you have cancelled the monitoring it will not stop it dialling out, the messages to the ARC will just be ignored.
  12. From the images it will be as loud as an onboard panel speaker.
  13. So the LAN module will only send push notifications to the app it won't send text message to the phone .? Push notifications are that reliable so may stick to GPRS. But can't find anywhere that sells the module, lots selling the panel but not the module Mark
  14. LOL! Well, yes, welcome, and not for the first time...
  15. It would be an easy matter to get virtually ANY other company in and 'crash' the system to remove the communications element. They will need to reprogram it from scratch, so if they quote 2 hours, that's not unreasonable. It would be a one-time charge (although we here at TSI would still recommend regular servicing. Well, we recommend monitoring too, but not from idiots!). It should be a labour only charge, they should not need to quote for any parts etc... if the system is only 18 months old.
  16. ive not tested but as its not a mylarcone speaker id suspect not
  17. You cant im afraid they will need to remove them or disconnect the phone line to it.
  18. I've Cancelled the monitoring with the company and decided to go unmonitored till I find another company who come well recommended to avoid any further issues. In the meantime how can I clear my keypad of the previous companies info and any monitoring station phone number to make sure my alarm doesn't call out to 0844 number costing me money?
  19. Looks pretty good, are they loud like the standard elmdene 16 ohm speakers?
  20. Oh dear! Hello and welcome in any case...
  21. Hi all, has anyone had the chance to try one of those new flushmount elmdene speakers? If so are they any good?
  22. Hi, I am looking for a serious forum since a long time. Thank you for your work. Working in security and home automation since 2003 : Honeywell Galaxy and GD Paradox Fire : Esser France Access Control : Vauban France Geovision Vivotek dahua newbie Genetec. ... So hello from France to everyone, nh06
  23. Last week
  24. Ar ok so a lan module is just full internet the gprs is done via a SIM card . Suppose gprs is good if internet or power has gone down . Ok great stuff thanks swaying towards the app panel rather than standard 46sm Mark
  25. Go, Trumpy, go!

  26. Better of with the LAN module IMO. pstn module isn't compatible with the app panels and the wifi module isn't either due to the metal panel- they were on about releasing a wifi aerial but not sure if it's out yet.
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