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  3. Vans

    Estate Astra - does the job but nothing fancy. Would love a pickup though, not mad on vans.
  4. @guywalters It works. Had first one today. Thought of you.

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  6. SD1+ Speech dialler problems

    From what i can tell of your post the acknowledgement and abort options are set incorrectly.
  7. Well the sd1 doesn't respond to the panel, so what you on about dude Example if the sd1 is connected to the bell output of the panel in trigger , bell activates , triggers dialler , dialler dials , person responds pressing 8 dialler either stops or calls next number if it's setup to call next number Maybe dialler has lost some settings somehow and you need to reprogramme Maybe explain what you mean by control panel is not responding
  8. Hello, I have a SD1 + Speech Dialler connected to a Scantronic 9651 Control Panel. The system was working fine but not used for a long time as it needed an engineer reset after I installed a new battery. The reset was done after some time and after I found the user manual. Now all seems OK with no errors. But when the dialler calls the 1st number after the alarm is triggered 2 things happen. 1. Dialler kicks in normally and calls the 1st no. but only the 1st part of the message is played to the receiving phone. I.e. the part recorded in "PHRASE 0" where from what I can tell it should Play "PHRASE 0" and "PHRASE A". So. the call receiver hears "This is the alarm at ADDRESS" (Phrase 0). And they don't hear the (Phrase A). "Press 8 to acknowledge". Problem 2. Even if the recipient presses 8. The SD1+ Dialler receives the 8 key acknowledgement tone and plays the acknowledgement "tune" back to the dialled phone. However the alarm does not cancel. I.e. it is not sending a signal back to the control panel or the control panel is not responding to the signal. Any suggestions or help is much appreciated. FYI. Im not an experienced alarm installer.. but am fairly good with electronics generally. Thanks Nad
  9. Take a look at out February Newsletter, its packed with lots of useful information: https://t.co/20cQBj7fpe

  10. We are delighted to announce the opening of a new office in Moorgate, London. This move will help us work closely w… https://t.co/6d2UnTnx2W

  11. Texecom Comwifi

    OP - It sounds very much like your router does not support NAT Loopback. NAT Loopback allows connection to your own external WAN IP address from inside your private network. Check your router documentation to see if there's a setting. Other than that, you will need to switch addresses depending on which network you're on. Take a look at my Honeywell VKP app manual, as it explains this on the second last page. I don't know if Texecom mention this anywhere, but it's a very common issue. https://www.sm-alarms.co.uk/manuals/selfmon_iosvkp_v2.pdf
  12. Texecom Comwifi

    These card only use one COM port so if busy doing a task you will not be able to login. This to me sounds like something is misconfigured in the router. Every router is different and ISP provided routers are junk. Update IP works as intended from your description. I would put the old router back to test it myself. I never liked the WiFi version but never had an problem with LAN card. WiFi ones are a bit annoying to get setup but when setup work fine. They have there limitations hence the new Smartcom but again it's down to people expecting plug and play instead of following the instructions, like I said in the trade thread recently. For private reporting services (not connected to an ARC) I would prefer to have a ComIP and use my own static IP or DDNS service over using a closed platform to auto-configure everything.
  13. Texecom Comwifi

    I don't know jack about this gear Question can you make two profiles on the app , one to connect via wifi and one when your out ? Or can you only install it once on each app if that makes sense Seems this is best option lol, although the card might sell on ebay
  14. Panda burglar alarm

    Go look
  15. Panda burglar alarm

    I would if it was still there.
  16. Panda burglar alarm

    Panda is just a label , open it oddly though https://burglaralarmbritain.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/panda-liverpool/ And following where you copied picture from https://burglaralarmbritain.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/panda-liverpool-2003/
  17. Texecom Comwifi

  18. Texecom Comwifi

    Just buy the SmartCom and put the wificom in the bin.
  19. Last week
  20. Texecom Comwifi

    Evening Gents, I realise it’s been a while since anybody added to this thread but... this is fked up and I can’t get my head around what could be wrong. So, when I’m NOT connected to my home WiFi the app works exactly as it should, I get notifications and I can log in to the panel, etc. BUT when I am connected to the home WiFi, I get the push notifications but I can’t login to the panel, If when I’m on the Home WiFi I manually enter the comwifi’s Local IP address into the app and switch off the update IP setting I can connect as a should be able to but as soon as I switch on update IP again I lose the ability to login into the panel unless I’m not connected to the WiFi at home. As some back ground info my system and app were working exactly as they should until around a month ago when I changed ISP’s and had a new router, I’ve set up exactly as I did before but for some reason now I’m getting this issue, has anybody had anything similar?
  21. Panda burglar alarm

    Nothing at all sorry
  22. Panda burglar alarm

    Oh okay. Seriously though do you know anything about the panda bell box?
  23. Panda burglar alarm

    No they called a Panda car Pandas only eat Bamboo
  24. Cool will do this - , hopefully i dont bombard everyone with questions if it goes wrong.
  25. Panda burglar alarm

    Ahhhhhh site did they eat the burglar?
  26. Panda burglar alarm

    They used to use real Pandas, the same ones they used for Panda cars only smaller. Sadly because Pandas almost became extinct they are no longer allowed to use Pandas any more.
  27. Panda burglar alarm

    I was thinking that too, apparently it's got a battery holder inside which would make sense but I doubt it. I think the battery would just sit on the box.
  28. Panda burglar alarm

    Never fitted one or taken one down. I would imagine a Friedland bell and SCB bell module with battery?
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