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  2. You have a huge choice of vibe detectors as its wired. A few years ago id say cqr trapper it was easy to setup correctly. Now id go back to the viper
  3. it does look a bit carp, but the op was looking for a quality product.
  4. It is a shame that you have to buy outdated gear (was even back then) to get the integration you would like. Hopefully at some point that will change
  5. Better off with an enforcer for diy at that price and add on as you can afford , wireless though
  6. Yes wired sorry.
  7. wired?
  8. Thanks for all the help guys Any one recomed a shock sensor for windows / patio and contact ? Mark
  9. @MrHappy I chose DSC so I can it to connect to my Samsung SmartThings hub, so that I can monitor the alarm remotely and use the sensors for home automation. There is an addon card Envisalink which is compatible: Interesting to hear about the BG connection, in fact the keypads I have are branded British Gas.
  10. Yup same here. £9 a month, LOL!
  11. Oh, never knew that, I've had a Nest thing for a while now.
  12. It can be, for the full programming functions & online stuff, AFAIK. Neighbours of parents had Hive fitted FOC under BG 'supercare' type 3rd party warranty on boiler (was housebuilder Honeywell stuff) and told without sub it would be basic (local) stat & timer functions only.
  13. Yup, but they haven't fitted them for some years, no? I guess they bought enough to buy direct, and took that route to be 'secure by obscure' against easy takeovers & additions? Even the replacement (chinktat?) wireless system they used to install was discontinued in 2013ish it seems. Do they even do alarms any more? (To be honest; they would actually be daft NOT to; provided it was all part of that rip-off Hive system they install, where it needs a monthly subscription to use your heating!) I seem to remember the Gardiner Trade Counter used to display one DSC system back in the day? Was that some sort of tax thing? (Claiming they were a proper dealer not just an outlet for own brand??)
  14. Fitted these before as required by home automation company for support with there controls.
  15. There are hundreds of DSC panels round my way all fitted by British Gas.
  16. Fixed. P.S OP you also posted the same question to a 3 year old topic (that had degenerated into an argument between members) - I've deleted this, you've done the right thing starting a new one like this, please don't double post or bump old topics, thanks! Also it never hurts to introduce yourself in the appropriate section >>>
  17. Chinky tat, but work quite well, brackets ain't great, programming is worse, unlikely to work all the time off solar in the UK as not enough charge to go over night its a chime for the drive rather than security...
  18. Hi, I am looking for an outdoor perimeter alarm system. I have only just started my research so my knowledge is limited. How reliable are outdoor sensors? I found these above, based on the description they sound like that would be suitable, they work in pairs so both have to be triggered to raise the alarm. Regards John
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  20. why did you choose this product ?
  21. I've got one tip for you, once you've signed the guestbook:
  22. Ahh cool. I'm not an installer and new to this so just finding my way! See what you mean about the site, it looks so old I'd expect an 'under construction' flashing banner and a guestbook... Now that the alarm is working it's time to set up all my other zones. Thanks all
  23. Yep, that's the exact setting Yeti meant, just slightly differently described by DSC. Irregular choice for a UK panel, but better than an Accenta! Have to say the importers webby doesn't inspire much confidence with it's 6 year old brochure...
  24. Thanks I got it sorted... Went through the manual, and found this option was turned on: 021 Eight system options 01 ON - Access code entry blocked during entry delay Turned it off and it's working fine now
  25. What happens if you enter through delay zone and then open entry zone then unsets?
  26. Thank you. I am in the UK actually. It is a new board, being programmed from factory settings as far as I would understand. It's not a monitored alarm, but how would I check for the setting or the shunt lock?
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