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  2. I agree brilliant idea I wonder who came up with it?
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  4. the sound bombs require remote power The prem is not a proper fire panel If you want 'proper' fire then use proper fire kit. DO NOT use intruder gear in a fire alarm
  5. I could install a few sound bombs which would be much louder (and I think is intermittent sound for fire). Your comment seems to suggest it's perhaps not a good idea to use the Premier though as a 'proper' fire alarm system - would be keen to hear what your reasons are, I do want it to be a good (and very robust) system, but ideally with quick identification of where the fire is. Thanks
  6. For simplicity of setting i like euro mini/46 programmed for intelligent set. Swip the tag and go to bed, system realises you haven't opened a final exit and automatically part sets. If you leave via a final exit system automatically full sets. Pensioners love it. shame they did away with that functionality on the app versions. Jim, if you are reading why did they take that feature out? Customers love it.
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  8. Thought about it for the issues I've mentioned or due to complexity/reliability with combining it into the Premier? Here's the issues with a separate or interlinked ... Interlinked unfortunately is not allowed due to building regs (as each floor is over 200SqM, it has to have central control panel). Whilst Building Control have said they will allow such in my instance, the electricians will not sign such off. Other than not knowing where the fire is with interlinked, I think interlinked has huge pro's in terms of no single point of failure and a siren for each detector. Nest is an option for area notification, but I'd have to consider the mains wiring being that the electricians will not sign this off. In regards to a separate central system for Fire only, I like the Texecom solution as I'll have keypads dotted around so would get a quick visual on where the fire is without having to go to the central fire panel (which will likely be in a closet). Feels like quite a dilemma - surely this isn't too un-common and there's a great solution out there ??
  9. get a proper fire or proper interlinked smoke alarms
  10. Hi, For a new build, I'm going to be installing a fully wired Texecom Premier Elite as the burglar alarm. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on using it also as a Fire Alarm/Detection system and how to deal with the sounders. It is for a large house (over 200Sqm per floor). My issue is mainly regarding the numerous sounders needed, the installation will have about 10 - 15 smoke detectors to meet the LD2 system required. All Texecoms wired detectors appear to not include a sounder (other than their wireless one). Does anyone have a good solution to this - i.e. know of other wired smoke/Co2/heat detectors which would be suitable for the Premier Elite and also include a loud speaker and ideally being total of 4 wire or less (if even possible) so that it can use FP200 4 core cable? I could put sounders just in the landing spaces, but my worry is that this wouldn't be loud enough. Mike
  11. So pull the mains and battery then , grab a burger and chill
  12. Hi all I heard about this sounder and have seen it has been mentioned a few times on this forum. Its apparently the dogs bollox (besides the masterblaster). I believe this novagard4Q is a self contained siren with an on board 12v battery and has 4 piezo's and sounds at 123db! This sounder sounds perfect for any location. Can you still buy this sounder? if so where? thanks. I have seen the novagard 4 but I don't think its quite the same. any help would be appreciated.
  13. Ok thank you for that advise i will have a look at the weekend. Yes the bell works when i trigger the alarm with key fob as a panic and when it is set.
  14. If you have removed the bell hold, black wire in your pic and bell did not ring then like others have said either the bell box battery is faulty or like also said probably not connected. Either way you are going to have to get to bell and have a look. Normally two screws either side under a cover to match bell box cover. Remove the cap undo the 2 screws, bell should ring when you remove cover. You should then see probably a green cylinder battery on left, check it is wired to batt pos and neg, if so get details off battery and google for a nèw. CPX are generally a good reliable domestic alarm.
  15. Q. What's worse than a Risco Prosys? A. One off of ebay
  16. lol it's not one i would get if i had the option, it's one i'm fitting for somebody who got it off ebay, says it all really, it's been added to the system through engineering, it's not much of a problem at the min as it is the upstairs keypad
  17. I'll line em up...
  18. nah, like alarms I'll be working too close to c#nts everyday
  19. HKC sound good. I haven't herd much about them or seen many of their products. I'd have an Elmdene Rapier, or a box preferably with a bell in in, as it is more distinctive.
  20. Vajazzle diamante's?
  21. anything but fire & security system....
  22. Galaxy with Hkc wireless and mixture of bells if it could work together with Hkc software with a few mods , And of course some texecom firmware updates should do the trick
  23. Damn, I knew that yellow bag in the back should have had something more than a brick in it at the end of the shift...
  24. If you could choose from any in the world, what would you choose to install? Panel, PIRs and bell box?
  25. With so many systems why bother with any of those , Veritas maybe best but it's in the dark ages now , and fitted by mostly sparkes as above
  26. I'd assume the keypads need enabling in engineering ? What mind bending drugs in qty to stun a horse did you take before making the bright idea to purchase a prosys ?
  27. Ha, I guess. I'd probably end up going for a Castle Care Tech panel in my home, when I'm older. So, ADE copied from Scantronic? Naughty of them. Do Menvier still make wired panels? That's is a shame, I would insist to have my logo put on a bell box, if I installed. Always good to get some free Advertising in!
  28. The veritas would be our choice. It's what we / our sparks fit in the new builds, it's normally what the builder specs with a white bell cover.... No free advertising there.
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